Quit smoking using secondhand smoke

Allot of people that are trying to quit smoking have a bad time getting adjusted.

There are numerous products on the market to aid people during this troublesome time, but are these products healthier to a person then smoking cigarettes themselves?
The main purposes of these products are that they try to provide cigarette compounds to the body in a non-smoking method.

I propose that it would be better for a person that of instead they go ‘cold turkey’ or use one of the commercially heavy exploited and therefore very expensive stopping aids like patches and chewing gum, that they ought to try comforting their under conscience desire for cigarette smoke using second hand smoke from an external burning cigarette.
Second hand smoke from a burning cigarette next to you is scientifically proven less unhealthy then actually smoking the cigarette directly.
But it has been proven that cigarette smoke does get in the human system using secondhand smoke.

A person trying to satisfy their nicotine need could light up a cigarette (non-oral) and leave it burning in an ashtray close to him or her whilst for example working on the computer, watching television or reading a book.

This method of stopping will give the person tremendous self-respect and willpower for not smoking the cigarette that is burning so closely.
The second hand smoke will eventually satisfy their needs, which hopefully will reduce in a faster rate then normal since the person has been extra psychologically motivated by the first mentioned psychological occurrence.

Cigarettes can be secondhand smoked as often as the person has the desire for it.
But I expect that the person gradually will decline their wishes for second hand smoke in a short span of time.
I believe that the will to stop will become greater then the desire to constantly fill the room with intrusive cigarette and or cigar smoke.

I should also conclude that using secondhand smoke from tobacco without cigarette paper or any other manufactured rolling skin will be healthier for the human body to use in the above described rehabilitation technique.


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