Wormholes have been a part of science fiction for quite some time now. It may be a reality after all. For right now though, it is all just theoretical. A wormhole would be described as a tunnel going through hyperspace connecting to distant parts of the universe. These hypothetical wormholes could connect not only two parts of our galaxy, but also other parts of the universe including other galaxies. With the use of a wormhole, travel time would be cut down tremendously.

The wormhole got it’s name from the idea that if a worm could travel through and apple instead of around the entire peel, it would save the worm a lot of time. It is seen more as a shortcut through both space and time. The wormhole would be a long tube shape called the throat connecting two mouths.

There is no hard evidence that wormholes actually do exist but if they do they would not be used for humans to travel through time. The reason is that the throat of the wormhole would be very shortlived and unstable and there would be no possible way to get through to the other side without it closing up.

Wormholes would be most likely compared to a black hole’s make up. Black holes tear the fabric of space and suck whatever it comes into contact with into oblivion. Wormholes, on the other hand, would not diminish everything in it’s path, but other than that it would be set up pretty much like a black hole.

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