the international space station

The international space station is a research facility located in orbit about 220 miles
outside of earth’s atmosphere. the space station is constructed of a series pressurized
modules connected perpendicularly to a truss. a Total of ten main modules are planned
(Zarya, Zvezda, Destiny, Unity Module -also called Node 1-, Node 2, Node 3, Columbus,
Kibo, MLM and the RM).for of these modules are already in orbit: the Russian modules
Zarya and Zvezda as well as the American modules Destiny and node 1. two more U.S.
modules are slated for launch: Harmony in august 2007 and the Columbus laboratory
module in October 2007.The Russians are also due to complete 4 more modules
the multipurpose lab modal in 2009 as well as node 3 Cupola, and the Russian
docking modal in 2010. the Japanese are also including an experiment module slated for launch
some were between 2008 and 2009.

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