The secret is out: Who is concerned about global warming and why?

Did you ever wonder why “liberals claim to be so concerned about GLOBAL WARMING“? Here’s the answer.

According to this week’s This Modern World comic strip by Tom Tomorrow, CONSERVATIVE JONES, BOY DETECTIVE has it all figured out, while “his perennially perplexed sidekick, MOONBAT McWACKY,” mistakenly thinks it is “because the future of the planet is at stake.”

Thanks to Jones, we all know “the REAL answer is much simpler–it’s because liberals LOVE to impose UNNECESSARY REGULATIONS.”

Jones has similar wisdom on other scientific topics.

Now that we know that global warming is simply a matter of politics, perhaps it is time for me to delete the section of my Science Shelf web site devoted to reviews of weather and climate books.

Thanks, Jones. I’ll never be a perplexed moonbat again.


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