Why things exist?

I thought why the hell I’m here? There came possible reasons:

— Platonic view. There should be something to realize the mathematical truth. We are part of that realization, as self aware mathematical structures. There are other worlds to realize other possible permutations of mathematical structures in what we call physical worlds. Taking the popper’s view having the mathematical structure(structure in which some mathematical entities are related) of the world is no different from the actual physical world. It would be just a matter of substance.

— There’s a computation. An important one and we are the middle states of that computation. … some people believe someone is computing something, possibly in nowhere and we are side-effects. A long and breath-taking computation. With no possible shortcut. What is being calculated? maybe a random program… But they say no, because of physical rules there is some order in that program, and if the (kolomogrov) complexity of our description is finite, there’s a hope for fate in some purposeful creation!

— I won’t be able to know why, because for me to understand the reason is like for a monkey to understand philosophy. This one is for lazy philosophers!

— The reason is for me to ask this question (a recursive answer). This solution (!) is my extension to anthropic principle: the existence of physical world is dependent to observers; conscious observers.

— There’s a God. Actually this solution poses more questions than answers, and one has good reason to refute; On the other hand it’s just shifting the lost cause to a mysterious creature. But in my view God is one of the biggest inventions of human. Unifying solution for some disperse questions,… with his divine qualities , and his perfection.

— A self-recuring loop of causes can be independent of any reason. We are by-products of such loop. This one is inspiring, but first one might like to answer: where did it all began? the egg-chicken problem.

If you have any other solutions please let me know.

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