Climate Change twist

Today I was reading articles focusing on the different aspects of global change that have been recorded and stumbled on another article about the Tunguska Event. Somewhere between global warming and impact craters I mingled the two thoughts together and remembered the dinosaurs extinction…

How can global warming, ice age, and flying rocks hitting earth all have something in common?


Impact craters: one of the end results of an object striking the earths curst is debris and heat.
Global warming induced by human activity: pollutants in the atmosphere could be considered “debris” and a by
Product of combustion is heat.
Ice Age: massive cooling of the earth? Slowing of ocean currents? Melting of ice caps that cool the ocean? Who

Dinosaur extension: meteor impact, debris, heat, and then ice age…

Current global warming trends indicate that we may be heating up now but might also be cooling later.. Could we be creating a mass extinction of our own? picture this. Our earth heats up due to human influences. the caps melt, then our earth cools. now keep in mind, all this could take a while.. so don’t hold your breath..

Could we be replicating the destruction of an impact with earth but on a much longer time frame?

Instead of an instant global change seen during impacts, we are merely creating the same cycle. Years of heating and debris being introduced into the atmosphere causing the same results as if a meteor were to impact earth. Then the after math.. Global warming for a while (maybe 100’s of years) then the gradual cooling of earth.. then over another period of 100’s of years it becomes stable again.. However, humans might not die off.. so how long would it take to stabilize the atmosphere with ongoing human intervention or would it ever stabilize?…

(Keep in mine I am no science genius just sitting around for amoment and had a stupid thought… wanted to share! )

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