The Embryonic Stem Cell Lobby Is Writing Checks With Their Mouths That Their Research Can’t Cover

“Did you read that Op-Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune this morning?” asked Don Margolis, the founder of adult stem cell company, Theravitae. I sighed knowing another rant was coming my way.

Margolis pointed to the last paragraph-

So, until Bush is gone, American researchers dependent on government grants will be forced to use adult stem cells and existing embryonic stem cell lines. And, without the benefit of enhanced embryonic stem cell research and treatments, Americans will continue to die so we can protect frozen embryos that will never live.

“That is just another example of the mainstream media not giving Americans the entire picture. Forced to use adult stem cells? As if that is something negative? My patients aren’t dying. The adult stem cells are working for them! Ask them yourself.
If I lose all my money and become homeless and I am looking for a job, I will make my way to Salt Lake City and apply for a job as editor of the Salt Lake Tribune because I know I can do better!” Don exclaimed.

I mentally picture this and smile. Don has reason to be angry. At last count, his company has treated over 200 no-option heart disease patients with his company’s Vescell adult stem cell therapy.

Don continued, “When I think of embryonic stem cells, I think of the number zero. How many clinical trials are there now involving embryonic stem cells? Zero. How many treatments use embryonic stem cells? Zero. How many people have ever been helped by ESCs? ZERO.”

Margolis believes that investors have pooled their money into more promising adult stem cell research because “they know they will get a good return on their investment.” This leaves the embryonic stem cell researchers with nothing except to beg for money from the American taxpayer citing the “potential” and “promise” of embryonic stem cells. Sadly to say, the only promise the world has seen is in the words of the embryonic stem cell research lobby. “Their mouths are writing checks that their research can’t cover.” Don flatly stated.

Margolis thinks that embryonic stem cell researchers and the mainstream media deliberately downplay adult stem cell research while exaggerating the potential of embryonic stem cell research. “Everyday, I have to read something like this.” He says dejectedly as he points to the Salt Lake Tribune article. “One day, the adult stem cells will be given their due. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon.”


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