So what’s next? Rich World versus Drugs World? or Rich world and Safari land?

Columbia, Afghanistan, Mexico and now Ghana (BBC news report on how Ghana is joining the drugs trade). Rich countries are creating fortified and state-of-the-art barriers to ward off drugs and illegal immigrants. People in poorer nations are, however unwillingly, beginning to rely on the only hugely lucrative trade left: Servicing the needs of the rich people for drugs. It’s either that or emigrate up north. Is this the economic model you want our (poor) countries to follow?

No one is fooled by the Columbian government and the coco-planting people-kidnapping guerillas anymore: they are the two faces of the same coin. No one is fooled by the IMF anymore, it’s a tool for prolonging the status-quo. No one is fooled by the UN Security Council anymore, it’s a beauty saloon applying makeup on world crisis, at best. Poor does not mean gullible.

How about this news report from BBC this morning on how they are breeding lions in South Africa for the sole purpose of providing safaris to rich white men from the north. A bagged lion will cost the hunter 35000 dollars, a lioness 5000. Yes, the animals are being bred to be slaughtered by people who want to take their picture next to a dead lion.

Again how about that other news report from CNN this morning on how the US army is tolerating private contractors (they loath the term “mercenaries”) at their side while fighting in Iraq. The report said that these men are paid handsomely but chances are that they would gladly pay for the opportunity to bag an Iraqi. What is the going rate nowadays for a woman? or an Iraqi child?

If you think this is an exageration then you have not heard this mercenary laugh while machine-gunning a pickup truck in the streets of an iraqi city (the person filming the scene was inside the mercenary’s car). Hearing the comments and the slurs inside the car left no doubt: this was not a military operation, and these were no soldiers! Why is it that we see news footage you don’t see?

All countries have their share of deranged people, and this article is not about Iraq. It is about the proper conduct of affairs between countries, the countries that are supposed to be equal in rights, however different their GDP may be. This is about giving us the opportunity to stop exporting drugs to you and at the same time expose this horrible concept of Safari land. This is about showing all lunatics that there are people of reason and good will in all countries. This is about humanity.

If you want to grow richer, with our blessings, you have to give us the means to let our workers work inside their own countries, create wealth, and then buy from you. Condoning the current state of affairs will ultimately make you poorer. In dollars if not in health or morals.


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