Britain’s floods – Joseph to the rescue!

A few years ago, there were reports of drought in Britain. Today, we are witnessing floods of biblical proportions there. Which brings us to Joseph.

When the Pharaoh asked Joseph to interpret his dream, Joseph (peace be on him) counselled the pharaoh to save the crop of the seven years of plenty and use it in the following seven lean years. So why not follow his example?

Weather is notoriously fickle. And land price in a crowded place such as the UK must be exhorbitant. But if the economists study the matter, they may find it worthwhile to create artificial lakes, which, with proper canalisation, would collect excess water at times of flood in order to redistribute it when the drought comes. It may even be more economical than the cost of dealing with floods and droughts after they occur.

If the economists are still hesitant, throw in the lure of gain from tourist resorts on these artificial lakes (think of these homes that can tolerate the rise and fall of water levels that the deutsch people are building) and why not fish farms while we’re at it? Environmentalists should keep a very watchful eye if these projects are ever implemented.

But is it politically correct to heed prophets in our times?

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