Chad – One country in a forgotten continent

No conflict here, so no brouhaha. Yet countless persons, men and women, are laying siege to the hospital at N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. (Al Jazeera Report). Some are on the ground, unconscious.

An interviewed doctor saying he has never seen so much illness. He said that the majority of the patients could easily be treated with simple, inexpensive drugs or rehydration.

The hospital’s director explains that the hospital was designed to service N’Djamena when the population was 500000. Now that it had ballooned to 1500000, it could not possibly care for the growing number of patients.

You look around, and you estimate that such a construction could not cost more than 20 million dollars to build, and probably another 30 millions to equip and stock with medicins for a year.

Yet the civilized world is spending such a sum on ONE military aircraft. Can anyone out there please ask any government to divert the cost of ONE aircraft and build a new hospital in N’Djamena, Chad, so that the population there could have a new lease on life, for one year.

Why should you? well, it seems logical that curing mankind is much more helpful than killing them.

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