Sex, Science, Wealth… and War

Ask any healthy individual what he wants out of life, and most of the time you hear the words: health, wealth and happiness…

As for happiness, most of them are content with fun. Fun is often equated with sex. So be it. People should pursue their happiness if they take the necessary precautions and do not contribute to the spread of naughty diseases.

Others find fun and happiness in a good book, an elevating discussion, something tasty or a piece of music. To each his own.

When we come to science, though, it’s a different story. Somehow in recent years science has been diverted to become “Applied Science”, which equals technology. This part of science that creates gadgets to make our life easier, more luxurious, better?

At any rate, science has become the creator of wealth, the source of luxury, well-being and prosperity. A treasure to be guarded jealously.

But above all, applied science is a great consumer of resources, and resources are finite. Some of the wealthy and industrial countries have begun using recycled materials twice and three times already, because there are not enough resources left.

Already there are serious shortages in food. Some species of animals and fish have become extinct: ask the fishermen of Canada, or those of the arabian (persian?) gulf. Worst of all, the earth’s climate and environment have suffered greatly from the uncontrollable rush of applied science and industry.

The most disturbing phenomenon, though, is the emergence, in wealthy countries, of a great number of people holding silly illogical beliefs.

These people believe that since they are richer, they must be smarter. If they are smarter, they should be able to control the remaining resources of earth since they are the ones most worthy of survival.

Something very much like the nonsense of the nazis, only more coy and insidious. Wolves in Saints clothing, you might say. They don’t attack countries, or only rarely. They instead rely on surrogates and covert ploys, alliances and pacts.

They destroy infrastructures, they turn brother against brother, nation against nation. They plant bombs in both camps and blame whichever party that suits them at the time. Whichever country they set their eyes on turns into utter desolation.

What these single-minded and deranged people fail to realize is that, in their quest of genocide of whole continents, of stealing all the resources, someone is bound to retaliate, which leads to war. AND WAR IS A BIGGER CONSUMER OF RESOURCES. These same resources they wished to keep to themselves in the first place.

And then there is China, and China has more males that she knows what to do with. China has also the most vigorous economy. Next year she will supplant Germany as the third largest economy of the world. And if China wanted to follow the example of the new aryans, then pretty soon she’ll send them back to the stone age (a phrase very much to the liking of the aryans).

Conspiracy theory? Maybe. But what’s happening today in the world maskes us wonder.

It is time for sane people to take hold of the reigns of our world, and put the insane into asylums, where they belong.

It is time for the people of the world to unite and face their common problems, if there is to be a future for our sons, all our sons.

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