How the formerly oppressed minorities turned “kapos” in the new Auschwitz

A particularly hideous trait in some prisoners or minority members is the fact that, once their oppressors grant them some measure of status elevation or power, they become the fiercest “enforcers” . They become worst than their tormentors, even against their former companions in misfortune, as were the infamous “kapos” of Auschwitz.

History is filled with this type of behavior: The escapees of nazi concentration camps were the first to inflict immensurable horrors, massacres and hardships on the palestinian people. The Gurkhas were the fiercest units of the british army. The french foreign legion is notorious for its atrocities. Another case in point seems to be what’s happening in Zimbabwe, of late.

The third world’s most hated foreign figure seems to be a toss between Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and George W. Bush. The attorney general in the U.S. is not popular in the hispanic community, and so on. Even so-called democrats like Barack Obama are in favor of bombing Pakistan.

As for the contention that almost the whole world has become a new Auschwitz, you only have to look around.

Auschwitz is alive, people, and the gas chambers of Birkenau are being filled to capacity. Only their names have changed. They are now called Afghanistan, Irak, Somalia. Soon others may follow in Sudan, Syria, Iran… and the list goes on and on. No amount of protestation will save them, they have to prove the negative, that they didn’t want to harm America. When the wolf wants to eat the sheep, he accuses the sheep of mudiyng his drinking water, even when he always drinks upstream.

Another analogy? We even have a modern Dr. Josef Mengele in the guise of pharmaceutical companies experimenting on Nigeria’s children. And if the infection of four hundred child in Lybia with the AIDS virus was due to poor hygiene, then what good were the bulgarian nurses? Didn’t they change the methods of disinfection after the first hundred infected kids? After two hundred? It seems odd that they all were infected in such a short period of time and before any of the qualified nurses could improve the hygiene in that hospital.

Let us hope that, when all this is over, we in the third world do not become the worst “kapos”. But then how can we? We are the weakest in the human food chain, and will continue to be. They will make sure of that.

A last humble request: when the hour of truth comes, and humanity always awakes from its dark ages, please do not say “We didn’t know. We had no idea.” This article has been one of many. We are crying, shouting. Does anyone hear us?


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