Morgellons Comes With Nanoprobes

I have been researching the gold nanoprobe that was presented on Rense….interestingly enough I found this article regarding their usage:
It’s an article that explains how “silver” enhances the gold nanoprobe’s ability 1000 fold….something to think about.
Other sites that are valuable in what and why with regard to these probes:

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Foresight Nanotech Institute Weekly News Digest August 1, 2007

I want the CDC to explain WHY WHY WHY there are probes and araays in us as well as flourescent biomarkers and novel tatoos?

They have known for a long long time what we suffer from….
No matter what lame excuse or “diagnosis” they come up with, remember we have been “probed” and “monitored” since our affliction manifested….do not forget that….and keep asking them to EXPLAIN those aspects.


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