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For various reasons, the Visual Cognition Online Laboratory is being phased out. We’ll all miss it, I’m sure.

What happened to it? Well, the physical lab itself moved from Harvard to the University of Minnesota. I, however, am staying at Harvard, at a new lab. The old lab doesn’t have immediate plans to continue web-based research beyond the experiments we already had. For my part, visual cognition is interesting, but not my ultimate interest. So we decided to phase the website out.

Meanwhile, I am starting a new website to study my main research interests in cognition and language. Current projects include a study of the effects of birth order on personality. For all that birth order effects on personality are widely believed, empirical evidence has been hard to come by. I have a methodology that has worked fairly well in a couple experiments already, and now I’m trying to extend it to a broader population by using Web technology. That is one example of an experiment I’m running at the new site.

The new site is the Cognition and Language lab:

I have a new blog to track the new site as well:

I still plan to report results from the old Visual Cognition Lab experiments at this blog once they are available for release. But otherwise, I probably won’t post more here.


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