I’m looking for a man – said Diogenes

It seems that the political systems of all major countries nowadays have been delibarately skewed so as not to produce true men and women. The electorate have to choose between the mediocre and the inadequate.

There are always exceptions, of course. Find a head of state that we do not see often on TV, and you may find a person who is truly helpful for his country, and actively toils for the rest of the world. Alas, his hands must be tied, for the overwhelming majority of his colleagues speak a totally different language.

This situation has reached critical proportions, and a remedy is earnestly needed. Perhaps there should be a worlwide contest between the scientists of the world to invent a fail-safe electoral system that would compel the best in each nation to take the helm.

Another approach would be to identify these little islands of calm, in our world of turmoil, and study their system to learn how did they find their man, and managed to elect him.

P.S.: Please publicize these findings.


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