Less than twenty years after the information explosion and already we are blase?

Doomsday enthusiasts notwithstanding, let’s pretend that mankind has a few hundred years ahead of it. The real explosion in knowledge has only really begun a couple of hundred years ago (hats off to Pythagoras) , and the hellish dissemination of information is only twenty years old, and already we feel that we have heard it all? Some people even dare to claim that humanity is ruminating.

Arrogance is one of our less attractive traits. Fanaticism is not the exclusive domain of theology. Let’s not forget that the scientific community at the time of Galileo was scornful of his works, and that some scientists today have the gall to claim that everything is set, and not much is left to be discovered.

Some day our great-great-grandchildren will wonder how closed-minded the contemporaries of Einstein must have been. Were they really ready to bury in shame people that talked about the Tenth, Eleventh or Twelfth dimension? How smug can people be?

If mankind has made such a tremendous jump in a couple of hundred years, wouldn’t we look positively primitive to the people of the Ninety-Ninth century?

Ah yes! this one is talking about keeping an open mind. Been there, done that!

The simple fact of using this cliche is proof of the user’s nescience. We have never been here, we have never done that. We are in the process of continuous creation. Even the cells of our bodies are new. We should everyday greet our acquaintances with the phrase:”Meet the new me!”.

The flip side of it all is the predominance of static. But rest assured, our humble and modest scientists will soon invent a way that will permit us to cancel the irrelevant noise, and enjoy the juice.

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