Preparing for Magnet High School Aerospace Technology Classes Pt. 1: History

Let’s start with a little history!

Apparently, mankind’s desire to fly likley dates back to the first man to observe birds or other flying organisms (i.e., insects or bats). Through millenia of trial and error, flying machines soon (or maybe not-so-soon) surfaced. During the 9th century, the Muslim Moors Armen Firman and Abbas Qasim Ibn Firmas were reported to have built and flown gliders. Eilmer of Malmesbury obstensibly did the same circa 1010, flying over 200 meters. Ahh, some of you probably thought the Wright Brothers did the first flight! No no no no no, they made the first powered flight! Anywho, during his visit to China, the famous explorer Marco Polo told stories about human-carrying kites. Around two centuries later, the remarkable renassiance artist Leonardo Da Vinci sketched the famous Ornithoper design. This would later deem flyable after tested….

Well, that’s only a small fraction of the history of aviation, but I should stop and go on about different things. Next time, Properties of Gasses!


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