Please God, don’t let our heros fall!

Yes, sometimes we admire people, but we are not dupes. Chavez seemed like a straightforward type of leader, but manipulating the constitution to reign as king, that’s a nono.

You fought against the middle/upper class decay, you tried to help people everywhere, you set an example which Bolivia and Ecuador followed and we appreciated. Please don’t demean yourself by asking for more than your turn in office. Yes, you can look for and find someone with integrity and drive in Venezuela, make the people of Venezuela aware of his or her qualities, and watch the elections like a hawk lest voices will be bought and sold. But ultimately, it’s for the people to choose, and for you to respect their choice.

As for you Hassan Nasrallah, one of Hizbullah’s leaders, we still owe you our admiration and respect. One small advice, though, we know that you promised to rebuild all the villages destroyed by the israeli agression on Lebanon, and we know that Hizbullah has spent more than 350 million dollars on rebuilding, but please do not forget Siddiqueen. This one small village has been made an example, by mischievious news reports, that Hizbullah doesn’t care.

If you remain true to your word and people, be sure that we will remain, respectfully yours.

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