Endeavour Lands Safely in Florida

Space Shuttle Endeavour rolled to a stop Tuesday at the Shuttle Landing Facility after a perfect landing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Commander Scott Kelly guided the spacecraft through its complicated glide back to Earth at 12:32 EDT, completing a mission that added a new piece to the International Space Station, delivered almost three tons of supplies to the laboratory and proved a new power transfer system works.

The landing also marked the completion of teacher-turned-astronaut Barbara Morgan’s first spaceflight.

While at the station, the astronauts conducted four spacewalks to continue on-orbit construction and perform repair work at the station. The major spacewalking tasks included the installation of the Starboard 5 truss, replacement of a faulty attitude control gyroscope and preparations for assembly work by future crews.

STS-118 is the 119th space shuttle flight and the 22nd shuttle mission to visit the station. The next shuttle mission, STS-120, is targeted to launch in late October.


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