“How to Indemnify Global Warming”

To be comparatively simple, Global Warming is a factor in causing the Polar Ice Caps to melt and, upsetting weather patterns in many area. The main threat from Global Warming seems to be the melting of Ice Caps on the Poles of the earth and the climate destruction of the agriculture economy. I present you the “Excavation Solution” theory.

It may be an argument that human presence is globally hurting the ecological environment to a fatal vertigo. It may be true that Civil Engineering has forgo the ability to maximize the potential of workforce around the world to an enhanced efficiency. Since we hear the word Corporation lot today and there are certain levers that needs to be pulled, we all know what a drag war are and not to mention the tax bills that war ignites. There are more severe danger around the world that needs to be addressed such as reducing or compensating the pollutions emits from the Industrial Era to carbon-based Sphere that now holds a rising population of 6.6 billion human life that needs 24/7 hours clockwork of food, garments and employment.

Right now, Global Warming has become a problem that is widely aware and advertised. The spike in Green House gases are melting the Polar Caps. Melting Polar Caps are causing flooding, hurricanes and rising of sea levels. The Axis of the globe; North and South poles are experiencing melting Ice Glaciers. A watery grave looms upon many cities, if the Ice Glaciers continue to melt and the sea level will plunge trillions dollar worth of construction all around the World.

As I did some reading, a thought dawn on me. How come there is no mention of Canals to repel Global Warming? Right now, the city of Venice in Italy are on the fringe turning to the next Atlantis. My theory is to reduce the Sea Level Rise by building and creating vast number of Canals.

If the Mediterranean seas threatens to drown coastal cities, my theory is to drain the Ocean into the continent to salvage many Coastal Cities. There lies the Sahara Desert that is waiting to be quenched and why not build canals? to connect the Sahara desert with Water? that would end the steady flow of Drought and Strife?. It would be a Gold Rush all over again as the Job Market bloom opportunities for settlers and refugees to thrive. This will introduce an Open work market for people to dig excavations as the Ice Polar caps melt and to, also restrict the Sea Level from destructing Coastal Cities. With employed foreheads to oversee a syndicate of worker’s health and production.

I understand that this theory may be like building the Great Wall of China or, the Railroads, but, we have the diesel powered technologies to wrap up the complete production of construction in no less than 7 years. The Egyptians, with their grandiose history, have build mighty pyramids out of limestone that survived eons of time. So, we should build channels of water into the mighty desert all over the world to balance the sea level. Building canal will insure, control and repel one side effect of Global Warming which is these Climate Changes that cause Sea Level Rise. To irrigate the continent to reduce colossal floods just makes plain sense to me.

With swarms of Canals on land to save our Cities would become a phenomenal task that needs much labor hands as possible. This will be a great preparation that will preempt the Dangers that looms from a risen Sea Level. Our continent does need more vein on the top soil for more transportation and an invoke of global defense. The bottom line is just dig and everyone will be paid as they punch in the clock. It will be a good heap of exercise for anybody. If somebody pointed a gun in my head and told me to dig a grave, you know I would and that is the same thing as Global Warming. These towers in the Urban Municipals will not survive these abrasive flooding, so therefore, flooding cannot happen as Spiked Greenhouse Gases melt the Polar Glaciers.

Have you ever heard the expression, it is just the tip of the Ice Berg? The Ice Glaciers on the Polar Caps are so enormous that could they could be called Mountain Ranges, at a single glance. So, “the Excavation Solution Theory” would become truly tested if these “Mountain Range” of Glaciers melt.


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