Guess How to birth ofthe earth’s magnetic field

Ampere molecular electric current hypothesis tells us that exist within the atomic molecular electric current.tody the people have knew that in the atom that have electron.the electron swarme round atomic nucleus with high speed.Between the moon and between Earth’s track relations and the atomic
nucleus and the electron have the similarity. so in the Moon is possible to have charge.its negative electricityor or positive electricity.We may use the right-hand rule to juage.The Moon circles the Earth from the west to the east revolution. whthin the earth’s magnetic field,the magnetic induction line fom north pole to south pole. juage by right-hand rule.we can know that the on the Moon maybe have negative electricity. without the earth ,the magnetic induction line fom south pole to north pole. the Moon have the negative base on the Ampere rule. the Moon shouldbe undergo the Ampere force.juage by Ampere rule , the direction of the moon undergo Ampere force always point to the earth .this Ampere forch is we calld the gravity?

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