The search engines whistle : end of the austerity

Specialized in the research of the data sources in company, IntelliSearch is combined with Groxis to graphically improve visualization of the results.

IntelliSearch and Groxis, two suppliers
of solutions
of indexing of data and requiting are combined. This alliance is revealing two of the strong tendencies which agitate the world of the search engines. On a side, the indexing of the sources data until there not used. Other, the development of the results.
In general, the specialists in the engines Web try to make up for their lost time in the indexing, while the suppliers of solutions of companies try to return their interfaces digests.

Visual and centered on the company

In the case which interests us, IntelliSearch is stronger in the access to the data. With the system of indexing of this Norwegian
, the results of requests can certainly be presented according to categories’ defined by the company or settings ahead according to affected functional priorities’ a priori. But nothing very visual. Groxis, with its product
Grokker ESM
, is with its advantage in the presentation. As shows it illustration (below or above, to specify according to the place where you the illustration will have put thank you), it is able to gather the results according to the expressions’ most representative of the request formulated by the user.

The information ringed in universes

But especially, it can represent the aforementioned information in circles. The latter contain other representative universes if the mass of documents is important, or data themselves if volume is low. Thus, for a request the BNP Paribas Workshop, will be presented a circle “Banque BNP Paribas”, which will contain another circle “Second Life”. The product comprises other functions presented in way intuitive, like the cursor of time.

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