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Biotivia Ltd. – Resveratrol

Biotivia Bioceuticals Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Evidence-Based bioceuticals and and is registered with the US FDA as well as health authorities in the EU, Asia, Africa and Australia, New Zealand. All the products are formulated, tested and monitored by our research scientists and manufactured under stringent CGMP conditions.

Biotivia brings you quality assured, high potency natural products; formulated by our researchers and scientists based upon peer-reviewed published scientific studies. Biotivia is uncompromising on the quality, potency, safety and integrity of its products.

Biotivia’s Resveratrol product line:

• Bioforte – 500mg full-spectrum resveratrol (50% extract) from Wild Natural Polygonum cs.
• Transmax – 500mg (98%) Research grade purified isomer for a fraction of its cost from other suppliers.
• Bioflu Vital – formulated from active ingredients shown to kill 100% of the Influenza A and B viruses, including the Bird Flu virus in laboratory tests.

Bioforte and Transmax contains no fillers or inert ingredients… only pure, natural, Pharmaceutical-grade Resveratrol. Bioforte is processed in our FDA CGMP-Certified pharmaceutical facility under a UV-Free Nitrogen flooded environment. Our Pfizer all vegetable Vcaps seal out oxygen and UV radiation. Furthermore, Biotivia is the only supplier that fills each bottle with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation.

Bioforte meets the vital potency level of recent scientific studies. Our product contains from 10 to over 100 times the amount of both total resveratrol and trans-resveratrol as any competing product available in the EU/UK and is fully registered in the UK. Our cost per mg of resveratrol is the lowest of any brand sold anywhere. Our purity and potency are unsurpassed.

We deliver orders worldwide within one week and our orders ship the same or next day. We maintain inventory at our fulfillment centers in Kansas City, Singapore, at Brighton outside of London, in Austria, Spain and in S. Africa. In the US we retain Innovative Fulfillment Solutions to handle all deliveries.

Studies published in the foremost scientific Journals Nature and Cell in 2006 have shown that resveratrol has extraordinary health benefits.

Activate longevity gene extending healthy lifespan
Protect against degenerative diseases of aging
Significantly increase physical endurance by as much as 100%
Reduce heart rate and energy-charge muscles during exercise
Protect from gaining weight and developing metabolic syndrome.
Increase number of energy generating mitochondria in muscle cells.
Improve mitochondrial function.
Fend off metabolic disease.
Protect from negative metabolic effects of a high fat diet.
Lower blood fat
Provide the same health benefits of caloric restriction
Increase activity of healthy enzymes called sirtuins
Scavenge harmful free radicals preventing free radical damage
Open arteries by enhancing nitric oxide
Stop proliferation of cells in blood vessels that narrow the arteries
Keep blood cells from sticking together
Boost HDL (good) cholesterol
Reduce incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD)
Protect against ischemia – reperfusion – induced arrhythmias and mortality
Reduce fatty deposits in the liver
Protect the brain against oxidative stress, keeping cells alive
Block or stop many stages of cancer
Kill cancer cells
Protect against skin cancer
Prevent tumor growth and metastasis in lung carcinoma
Inhibit inflammation limiting damage by stroke
Inhibit inflammation limiting damage from inflammation causing injuries
Stop growth of dangerous bacteria

* These statements have not been evaluated US-FDA.

Compare quality, integrity and value and we believe you will choose Biotivia.

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