Cheap way to heat water quickly, to a high temp

I’m hoping someone can let me know of a fairly inexpensive way to heat water very quickly to a fairly high enough temperature without having to add anything directly to the water, but instead heat a metal (or other heat transferring material) that the water will be poured over or contained in? It’s necessary for my experiment that it get hot enough to evaporate very quickly…it doesn’t have to hit the max. temperature immediately, it can ‘warm-up’ for a while at first, but needs to remain at a very high temperature without being cooled by the water. I unfortunately don’t know exactly what temp. i’m looking to reach, just that it be hot enough to evaporate water within a few seconds. And since i’m only in college and and don’t have a lot of means, i was hoping it could be fairly inexpensive (not like thousands of dollars). I know i may not have made the most sense with this post, but i hope you get the jist of it and can help out in any way possible. Thank you!

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