Scaled Perspective Universe

This blog is meant more as an initiator to discussion on a theory that suggests that the universe is comprised of scaled perspectives. What this means is that within the atoms that comprise the scale of perspective within which we all exist, lay an infinite number of smaller scales of perspective. That the strings that lay within our sub-atomic particles are in fact galaxies seen in all four dimensions and that the galaxies which surround us are simply part of the strings residing within other sub-atomic particles. Thus allowing for scaled perspectives to exist on both an infinitely massive and infinitely tiny scale.

It has the potential to explain a great many atomic and astronomical phenomenon which to this day remain un-answered. I am not a scientist or researcher, I am a documentary film maker who would like to research this topic further. If you are within this field of research and are interested in helping to create a film based upon this theory, please contact me at

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  1. As an Ex-Raelian i believe Rael is a con -artist, a liar. i believe he copied George Adamski’s 1952 book “THE FLYING SAUCERS LANDED”?

    Plus he admitted to his best friend Roland that he made up the whole story about his UFO encounter.

    From the above website it says: “Roland, a childhood friend of little Claudy, still lives in Ambert. He was also interviewed for French television. On M6 TV Roland recalled an evening with Vorilhon some years ago, during which the two men spoke frankly.

    Roland asked Claude if he had lied about his encounter with alien beings from outer space.

    Vorilhon reportedly replied, “Yes, I lied, but you knew it, anyway, so I am not teaching you anything!”

    Claude went on to explain that he had never seen any “little green men,” but that the tale helped him achieve the attention and eventual status he wanted”.

    Plus there is a contradiction in his ID book about location of the Elohim’s planet?

    From the above website it says “According to official astronomy is the constellation of Alfa, Beta and Proxima Centauri the nearest stars from our solar system. They are supposed to be 4,3 light years from planet Earth. The constellation consists of ordinary stars and can easily be seen through telescopes. So where is Elohim’s presumed super red giant star located on less than one lightyear from us? (1) The Raelian movement points to the debate about interstellar dust which might influence the calculation of distance in space. It is possible the celestial bodies are much closer than what they seem to be. The conclusion is there no red giant star less than one light-year from Earth and the information from Rael contains strategic failures.

    (1) In ‘The True Face of God’ page 79 is it written: “By moving at the speed of light, or 300,000 kilometers per second, you would take almost one year to reach our planet.” This contradicts the text on pages 147-148. Rael claims Elohim traveled to Earth 25.000(!) years ago “seven times faster than the speed of light” in “almost two months”, 7 Lightspeed x <2 Months = <14 LspMonths. This is equal to the distance 1 lightspeed travels in nearly 14 months; 1 Light-speed x <14 months = <14 LightspeedMonths. So what is the distance here? "Almost" one year or less than 14 months?

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