The “Laws of Nature”

The “Laws of Nature” are neither matter or energy – they are the phenomena that control the action and interaction of all matter and energy in the universe. They are universally invariant, conditions may change but the laws never vary. They created the universe (space) and determined its size. The concept of the “laws of nature” and “universal space” are the same. Where the “laws of nature” end, universal space ends. Nothing can exist beyond their domain, not even space. They are the framework of the universe that give it its personality. What would the universe be like without inertia or gravity, etc.. They create the personality of the universe.

Universal space has no structure, it is all one, there is no unique part of space. Space (the “laws of nature”) may or may not be expanding. If they are expanding this could account for the “red shift” of the galaxies. If space is not expanding, the galaxies are simply falling toward the outer boundary of a finite universe, this could also be the cause of the “red shift” of the galaxies.

Nothing moves – relative to space itself. The planet Earth (and everything else in the universe) is stationary – relative to universal space itself. (This should soon be borne out when the results of “Gravity Probe B” are fully analyzed.) The “energy level” of matter – relative to space – determines a body’s inertial mass.

Inertia for example is the law that requires a force be exerted on matter for it to accelerate or rise to a higher space energy level. Galileo discovered this phenomena and Newton wrote down the mathematical formula F=MA that best explains how a body of matter, acts under this law, relative to other bodies,. If there was no ‘Law of Inertia’ the universe would have a much different personality. (Perhaps we would not have to wear inertial seat belts in our cars, etc.)

Newton mathematically explained why an apple falls to the ground instead of falling upward – and called this phenomena ‘Gravity’ – in doing so he helped explain how the heavens work.

Maxwell explained mathematically how light travels in space.

Einstein discovered the mathematical relationship of inertial mass of a body and energy, represented by the equation E=MC2. Inertial mass is the energy level of a body of matter relative to space itself .

Max Plank discovered the mysterious phenomena of Quantum Mechanics which scientists don’t fully understand but use anyway.

Then there is the phenomena of life itself – another group of laws of nature that govern every aspect of life, (biology, evolution, etc.,) that scientists are just beginning to understand and explain.
These are just a few of the phenomena that run the universe – there are many others – some yet to be discovered and explained. They are universal – conditions may vary but the Laws of Nature are invariant and unbreakable. The Laws of Nature do not exist apart from the universe – they together with matter and energy – Create the Universe.

Donald Hamilton, author of “The “MIND of Mankind”

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