Science of Time and Jesus Christ

Time, its beginning, its end and its perpetuation is one of the preoccupations of intellectuals governing the world. Billions of dollars are being spent in space and time exploration. Many theories are put forth one contradicting another. Bible teaches Jesus manifested to conquer time and death and give Life. In John 15:6 Jesus says, “I am the Way, Truth [light] and the life”. In John 8:12, Jesus says “I am the light of the world, who ever follows me will have light and will never walk in darkness”. What is then the relationship between Jesus Christ and time?

Life conquers “local time” “daily time” and “Universal Time” by a simple process of breathing, mitotic and meiotic. Breathing help revitalize the blood in two phases which are simultaneous.

In mitotic and meiotic divisions, life’s essence [information] is renewed mixing left and right to survive. Mitotic process helps the system survive daily time/energy changes. The meiotic process helps the system to survive universal time. Both the process involves creation of new out of the old, with base information forming the template for creating new. In the meiotic process the Father’s essence leaves its body and enters the mothers to create new body out of the old. Thus conquering time and initializing it. The former to become a part of maintaining the body and the latter the creation of new body to conquer death

Could this reality be extendable to Universe? This is some thing we need to think. Here are the points to ponder

1] All most all the ancient spiritual knowledge systems, the Vedas, Bible, Koran, Mayans, Chinese — view universe as living system with a Master governing it.

2] Since uncertainty and Quantum Science emerged and foundation of science broke down, science has a tilt towards biological way, though a stable foundation has not emerged. The work of Noble scientists James Lovelock and Marguilis Lynn and their Gaia hypothesis stand out in this direction. Much of the modern computer technologies and information science has come from biology than material thinking. The non linear science also point in this direction

3] The author presents an important argument that is observable to all. The earth in terms of day and night cycle and energy flow functions like a double pump or heart that breaths life to the universe. As the west awake to light and unwinds [becomes kinetic], the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and winds acting as a sink [ becomes potential], When light peaks in the west the seed of darkness is laid in it and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and seed of light is placed in it. The system is designed for instantaneous communication on the left and right and there is a Perceiver or Controller in the system. It is intelligently designed. There is a second side to this reality. When the matter is responding to heat and is expanding in the west, all life except humans becomes potential taking in the heat and releasing the opposite. The opposite happens in the darkness. This means as a flow occurring from sun to earth an opposite flow is moving from earth to sun, the latter is recessive. A similar and opposite phenomenon occurs simultaneously in the opposite. The Perceiver or Controller or Mover here is the Spirit or Brahman the God. This is described in Vedas and Upanishad and also forms the New Age teaching of Bible.

We can visualize and compare the day and night cycle and the energy flow in it to a pulse of a living system that vitalize life and balances it. This energy cycle is over lapped with 12 month climatic cycle, which virtually renews the system. This could be comparable to life renewing its cells periodically by mitotic divisions to conquer local time/energy disturbances to balance the whole system.

4] Life conquers universal time by a process that is universally known. The essence of masculine leaves its body enters the body of feminine mixes with it and creates new body out of the old for it to rest and perpetuate. In the process it conquers time and initializes it. Can this process be applied to the Universe?

Yes it can be extended – here comes the Science of Calvary and Christ

The lead comes from the ancient spiritual scriptures, the Vedas, Bible, Koran and so on — Here I would take Bible. Bible is Divided into two phases. Old Testament and New Testament but if you care fully analyze, it could be extended into three phases.

1] First phase is Between Creation of Adam and Eve, the law – not to eat form the Tree at the center and return of the God to banish Him form the Eden for breaking the Law.

2] The second phase is from banishment of Adam and eve to birth of Christ.

3] Death of Christ to Second Coming.

The first two is comparable to two phases of a life cycle – growth from birth to adult hood [up cycle], the second deterioration from adult hood to death [down cycle]. The third is transformation of death into birth [break down and recreation cycle]. The universe should exist in one of these three phases at any one time and we exist in the third phase or the Golden phase of Creation and Salvation. The down phase manifests when human “I” begins to take shape in adult hood and he distances from the mother and father family and begins think of self and here the relationship and oneness breaks down

It is meaningless to visualize death for the living universe. The whole thing becomes meaningful when we visualize the three phases from the point of view of Light and dark cycle or Knowledge and ignorance cycle or Truth and untruth cycle.

1] The Calvary is the peak of darkness or death or end of time, where creative process should come into being. It is the beginning of a turning point in evolution of human intellect. A speck of light was born in the darkness and is growing ever since.

2] The Second Coming is emergence of this Light or Truth or Knowledge that liberates individual, community and the whole from the bondage to darkness and initiates into light and restores the law.

What humanity could not perceive as he broke the law and got into the bondage of “self”, is brought to light from the self sacrifice of the Creator. The Spirit of God is working to lead and initialize humanity into New Time Cycle or Golden Age. People seem to picture dark picture to Time change 2012, but the author sees light at the end of the tunnel. Yes there would be pain, bleeding, but they all will end in a happy note of birth of Light or Knowledge that brings order and peace to the world.

All of us belong to one or the other community, we develop places of worship where we imprison God and build tomb over the Living God, pay homage or worship with an intent or “self” of our own. Even in the modern day Retreat Center people approach with their problems, some submit to the Living Force, some resist, whoever submits and seeks gets by the same measure. Hardly any one stands before Him to know the Truth, the Light or Knowledge. In John 15:6 Jesus says, “I am the Way, Truth [light] and the life”. In John 8:12, Jesus says “I am the light of the world, who ever follows me will have light and will never walk in darkness”. But we do not stand before Him to know Truth or Life. We are not ready to walk His way, we all stand before Him with our wants that are perceived by our senses and want Him help us to walk our way. There is Free Will and by our ignorance we only make wrong choice.

The spirit cannot speak directly to any one in an absolute manner for what transforms from heart has to come through the mind. It comes in absolute manner form the absolute, but for it to enter the heart and mind of the receiver in absolute way; the mind should be dead or in silenced state. Only in this moment it enters the heart gets purified and shine on the intellect. This is the reason why the ancient preach that only the selected and called perceives God and faith is the only means by which you can attain it. The ancient seers and Vedic teachers thus developed the art of silencing mind to connect to Life Giver. The intellects of humans can never perceiver God unless God chooses to Reveal.

Since humankind is incapable of perceiving Truth or Conquer death. Lord chooses a women and her womb to manifest in human form to speak directly to us and show the path to Life. It is still working trying to speak to you and lead us out of disorder and death to which we are tending and initialize us into New Time or the Golden Time. He seems to be searching for a mind and minds that stands in total submission to Him. But we seem to fail to stand before him without a selfish intent, to see and hear the Truth He is trying to speak.

But there is a future when the pain and bleeding increases and becomes unbearable. The breath dangles between life and death and humanity dearly wishes to see Life and Truth. This moment will turn into Golden moment of entry into Golden Age of peace and order – Life one with God. The dark and white, the left and right will be separated for good. It is coming !!!!!

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