Global Warming, 2012 and the hand of God

Science has understood Global Warming in terms of unilateral increase in the C02 and green house gases that has hindered the critical balance of heat inflow and out flow from earth. This invariably means global warming is related to disturbance of energy flow that sustains the global system. The basic cause is reckless exploitation of nature with out understanding basic design and principle on which nature is interrelated working in perpetual cycles or Lack of Knowledge of Grand Unified Theory of Nature.
Here in the article the Global warming and Climate change is understood as a consequence of break down of natural quantum energy flow that sustains the global ecological system that is living conscious and intelligent. It is a situation stressing humanity to become conscious and awaken to the truth and oneness of nature. It is an opportunity to humanity to see light and get New life, peace and order.
A form of Global warming occurs in every climatic cycle. As the summer and its drying heat peaks and life is stressed a phase change is initiated by the living force guiding the whole system. The cloud emerges on the horizon turning it into wet heat [humid]. For all living systems this is signal of the savior coming to give New Life. In fact the physiological state of the living systems change in anticipation of the blessing showers coming its way. All life exists and is sustained in cycles of energy flow. The prominent being 24 hour day and night cycle, this is embedded in 12 month climatic cycles, and this in turn is embedded in 12 year cycle and so on. This means there is a universal cycle that changes like day and night cycle and climatic cycle. We are now at the end of one such great universal cycle, which is giving way for New Time Cycle. This is predicted by all the great ancient spiritual knowledge systems such as Vedas, Bible, Mayans and so on. The Mayans have calculated the end of universal time cycle to 21st December 2012.
Global warming is a preset for the phase change to come. There would be great disasters and weeding out, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. The blessing showers of Light and knowledge or Truth will descend on humanity to lead him safely to New Time Cycle. Much of the problem has come because man is ignorant of the interrelationship and oneness of nature. He has failed to understand the design, principle and basic process of energy flow in nature. He has failed to understand his self and his relationship with the universal self. Not only global warming, but the increased natural catastrophes both in magnitude and number, increased war, terrorism, revival of spirituality leading to formation of God’s warriors, kicking for “Mother of all Battles” and self destruction, is related to basic lack of knowledge of design, principle and the process of Quantum Energy Transfer and its oneness
The situation in fact is stressing humanity to evolve into a state of awareness or consciousness to perceive the True Knowledge of Nature. Only Truth can liberate humanity from the present situation and give him the knowledge to take control of the Global warming, climate change and take control of his abode that is deteriorating. The final and lasting solution is Awakening to True Knowledge, the knowledge of inter relationship and oneness. Once this is known, individuals, communities, governments, judiciary in the world will become collectively one to save the life and earth from impending danger.
A simple observation of the day night cycle and energy flow shows that universe is living. When west awakes to light and unwinds the east sleeps to darkness and acts as a sink for energy [winds]. When light peaks in the west, the seed of darkness is sowed in it. Simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and seed of light is sown in it. There is knower or perceiver in the system. The system is instantaneously communicated between its left and right and controlled. The actual energy flow occurs in time in 8 bits of 3, which forms 24 unit, day and night cycle. This functioning of earth and energy flow could be comparable to double pump or the function of heart in Living system. It has gravitational phase mixed up with anti-gravitational that coexist simultaneously.
If you observe a grass or seed grow you note that it is basically anti-gravitational in its instinct. Now we note
There is a two way simultaneous flow of energy in earth, when heating energy is flowing from the sun to the earth in the west, energy of cooling is flowing back through the action of life. One action is dominant the other is recessive. A reverse phenomenon occurs simultaneously in the east. Here the cooling energy flows in and heating energy is flows out the former is dominant the later is recessive. To visualize the flow imagine a drill at work. The earth is balanced by this dynamic design and is capable with standing any disturbance of energy flow in and out between two limits. The advocators of Global warming have understood the imbalance of this phenomenon in terms of CO2 balance. The flow and the cause begin from the earth and returns to earth. One quantum pulse or energy flow of earth occurs in 24 hour cycle. Every living system and all material systems in nature adapt to this cycle and dances one with it, except human being who live mind centered life, exploits nature recklessly disturbing the energy flow sustaining the universe and thus by his ignorance digs his own grave
The fundamental cause for Global warming thus lies in his ability to respect the day and night cycle and the energy flow. Human intervention into this cycle has restricted the capacity to earth to repair it self. The flow of life force between the Trinity, the soul [earth], mind [sun] and the body [cosmos that includes the planets which form the dynamic information system] is disrupted. When the life force flowing in the trinity in diminished, the soul becomes disordered and this is the cause for the revival of spirituality, and developments of Gods warriors. Every time something reaches peak of disorder two paths emerges and the system collapses into one. The disturbance and disorder is the cause for war, terrorism, suicidal tendencies. The disturbance of the body becomes the cause for conquering motive and corruption and this is the first cause and this relates to breaking the Mother of all laws – Not to eat form the tree at the center. This implies not conquer the center and the opposite, to respect the opposite and consider it as a unity, to love they brother and neighbor and such great philosophies. From the scientific point view it meant do not disturb the day and night cycle or the energy flow and cause the universal quantum wave collapse. The time cycle is inevitable and any thing that is born should die and get reborn. We are in the great end and the beginning of new time cycle.
Extending this to earth sun and cosmos, we can clearly perceive the increased instability of earth manifesting as natural catastrophes, increased instability of the sun and Cosmos as reported by NASA. NASA has reported high instability in sun’s activity and unusual activity in the distant space some of the explosion is assumed next only to big bang. In the interrelated dynamic world we are bound be effected by this.
The only life in the world that is associated with laws is Humankind and he is the cause of driving the time and death. He does so because he lives by his design he lives by his mind and becomes self centered. This self realization or Awakening to Truth is the only way humanity can survive the time change and take control our abode/Home.
The full article that explains the basic secret of design, principle organization of dynamic self sustaining systems in space and the quantum energy quantum energy flow in it is discussed in article “Divine Secret” and “Global Warming and hand of God”

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