In order to have ‘more’ of anything (or everything) we need to stretch our boundaries and our imagination. I invite you to adopt Abundance rather than Prosperity as an idea, as this aligns you with the possibility of having so much more.

When you embrace and understand Abundance as inclusive of prosperity, having ‘more’ means having more financial freedom, greater wellbeing, relationships that enhance your life, and abundant opportunities for expanding your joyful expression. So begin by honouring the Abundance that is always readily available to you – your breath. It’s free, and life-giving. The breath infuses us with Life and creates an abundant flow as a life-giving stream. With awareness, we are able to draw more from the breath and, therefore, more from our lives. So I suggest you now take a few slow breaths as this will assist you to assimilate this bigger idea and anchor it deeply in your Being.

Infusing new information more deeply into your consciousness via the breath allows you to hold it more deeply. As you inhale, you enliven all your cells which expands your capacity to think. So – breathe, infuse, allow, use.

Then take a ‘wide-angle lens’ view of Abundance. This means speaking to your inner-knowing to support you to arrive at your understanding of Abundance which then paves the way for you to enjoy increasingly greater Abundance in every area of your life.

Abundance is the stage of integral wholeness where we are satiated with our own delight. It is the stage in our evolution as human beings where life ceases to be about external creation, and is about internal rapture – existing in an increasingly spacious container where we create worlds, within and without, that deeply nourish our spirit and make our hearts sing; where we live gloriously with ourselves and others. We are Abundant.

Abundance is not so much about what we have, but what we are and how we feel. When we live in ‘what is right with me and my world’ and not ‘what is wrong with me and my world’, we are beginning to awaken to this possibility. Appreciation for, rather than berating against, is an essential state of being we need to arrive at. Even the times that are challenging are gifts that we are able to harvest as great learning in order to gift ourselves with ‘more’ Abundance. Being awake to this core knowing is the essence of Abundance.

So, what does all this mean? When we recognise – or are willing to approach the possibility – that we are infinite, not as an oft-repeated hypothetical or ‘spiritual’ idea that has lost its meaning, but in a very practical and demonstrable way, we know ‘I am the source of my experience’. Translated, this means that as I access my joy and inspiration continuously in the present, I create my Abundant Now and my Abundant Future.

Taking full responsibility for where you place your attention is a skill that is easy to develop. Being willing to notice the effect of your thoughts, is the key here. You may like to experiment with this for 5 minutes each a day. Just take the time to notice where you are placing your attention – what you are thinking about – and you will become aware of how you’re feeling: whether you are feeling increasingly vibrant, or whether you’re feeling depleted. You will then realise how much you may be keeping yourself restrained, tied to struggle of your own making.

This is where the magic happens: you now have the opportunity to play the game of increasing your Abundance, simply by changing where you place your attention.

Remember: You are your greatest asset. Really know that. Cultivating a wondrous and deeply appreciative relationship with yourself is the vehicle that carries you forward towards your Abundance. When you are filled with the joy of exploring ‘you’ in ever-deeper ways, you create ripples that turn to waves of glorious delight, Cultivating a relationship with yourself that is founded on ‘inner seeing’ and reflection, holding yourself with gentleness as you plant seeds of new possibilities, and being excited by the burgeoning possibilities and the joy that unfolds, creates the flow of Abundance.

Abundance is a flow of new inspiration. New inspiration nourishes our imagination, and sets our boundaries free. The more boundaries we dissolve, the more restrictions we let go of, the more we begin to stand in our self-determined freedom. In this way we ignite our increasing passion, which creates wonder and this feeds our genius. Living in our genius, rather than our ‘average’ and ‘good enough’, is the launching pad from which we establish Abundance as a living reality. It is only when we feel BIG, brimming over with our self-generated joy, deeply nourished from the inside, and standing in our now and offering this as our gift to ourselves, our world, our families and our friends, that – finally – Abundance will flow outward and inward in ever-increasing possibilities.

The wondrous state of Abundance is an internally generated state of celebration that flows as a river in its fullness (from you) towards Life. This imprint of fullness, inspiration and joy is inscribed and described within your being, and imprinted externally. The action completes itself – Life completes this action – and you receive Abundance as a realised state of living where you are amply rewarded.

Abundance is now the flow of giving and receiving, from within and without, that we continuously exchange. Abundance is experienced as a state of deep nourishment. There is a rising heart-swell that embraces all in its vastness and you are ‘more’ and ‘more’ is yours.

Share this ‘more’ and feel the swell of Abundance.

Puree the flesh of 2 mangoes (about 2 cups), stir 1 teaspoon of baking powder into 225g (2 cups) almond meal, and gently beat five eggs in a bowl. Combine all ingredients, pour into a greased cake tin and bake for about 1 hour at 180o C.

Cool 10 minutes before turning out.

It is my experience that the more I joyously share, the more flows back to me. So, I offer you this divine recipe that a friend offered me. Enjoy the gifts of Abundance, and feel the increasing swell of giving and receiving delight. Enjoy.

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