Secret of Universal Quantum Wave collapse and Time Creation and Initialization

Uncertainty Theory and Quantum Science broke the foundation of Science. Human ambition to predict and control nature and his destiny broke down with it. Knowledge out have brought order, peace happiness security and so on. But a look at the modern world that we have created with our ambition clearly shows the opposite results. We have created disorder and live in world that is full of misery, with war, terrorism, increasing natural catastrophes both in magnitude and number. The health and immunity of human being is decreasing and diseases are growing in number. He is plagued by fear of attack of new viruses and diseases.

The quantum science tells us that, the reality strikes or the quantum system initializes when we observe it. All quantum systems are associated with a quantum wave. The waves carry the information about the system. The information can only be obtained when the wave collapses and wave collapses when we observe it. This realization brought science back to its foundation forced him to review the foundation of science. Science originated from separating mind from matter and searched the secret of nature in matter or the body. With it our attention became focused on mind. With this concepts like consciousness and spirituality begun to sprout.

Lets us now briefly see what this quantum science tells us. Put a cat in a box twice its size. Then take a gun and shoot at the box. The chances the cat is dead is 50:50. You will know this only when you open it. This is true even if you fire a million shot at the box and open it!!!!!! This is not sensible but mathematically it is true. If you look back on science, the foundation of any branch of science it makes no sense!!!!!!!! Consequently human mind is in disorder without any direction. Can we look at nature sensibly yet account for all the nonsense of science?

We must understand that the design, principle, process and the law guiding the whole universe and even the minutest part of it should be same. This is the foundation on which both the modern and ancient searched the secret of nature. The process of nature is flow of energy manifesting into motion – spin and displacement. It is important we must sensibly understand this process. First let us use our senses to define the requirement and principle for the process to occur before we try to understand the process.

The basic requirement is that there should be a non equilibrium only then a flow can occur. This means there should be left and right and this should exist in a ratio. Say 4:3. Now the principle for the flow emerges. The principle of the flow is to seek equilibrium. Since energy can only be exchanged in quantum manner this leads to Quantum Dance 4:3 and 3:4 and perpetual existence. This satisfies the first law and second law of thermodynamics. This when visualized in space manifest as a Quantum Pulse contracting or collapsing only to expand and re collapse to go in cycles. This can be imagined as number 8 with the arm existing in 4:3 ratios. During the process of the flow it passes an equilibrium point. At this point the system manifest as symmetrical system. The instinct of the system wishes to stay in this state but the fact that flow can only occur in quantum manner, it cannot stop there and thus leads to a “Quantum Collapse” or “Quantum Dance”. The process is a 4 step winding compression, collapse inversion and 4 step unwinding expansion with change in the direction of the flow. The flow till the equilibrium point is natural and beyond it the system resists the flow. This means the symmetry we witness in nature is maintained through constant resistance. This resistance manifest as creativity. To understand it just imagine vendor balancing the balance before weighing.

Here the substance that is flowing is the Spirit, or Brahman. He is the Master, the Perceiver, the Balancer and the Creator. He works to maintain the balance by moving object from left to right and right to left in order to balance the balance. The balancer or creator puts a law here not to seek the center or move to the opposite on once own will. This is because this opens up the possibility of “0” of the probability system or the quantum wave collapse of the system, where in all the white and black balls are found in one compartment and the concept of balance or creator and creation breaks down and needs to recreated. So the collapse is causes by subjects who fail to up hold the law.

Here I removed my hat of Science and bow in all humbleness to science of Creation described in the ancient spiritual Knowledge systems, the Bible, Vedas and so on – The Mother of all laws is the one law placed by the Creator – Not to eat from the tree at the center. This is interpreted in many ways. It simply means to respect and Love the Father and Mother, not to conquer the opposite, to respect and Love they brother and Neighbor —– . It appears the ancient to new deep secrets of energy transfer and their search for the building blocks and knowledge of structure and function of nature led them to “self” of humanity. Humankind is the only subjects which are guided by an external Law.

By design Time is inevitable aspect. Any thing that is created should die to be reborn. Darkness is a reality without darkness light has no meaning. It is the field in which light moves. Every created thing is dark. Light or Spirit exists in it as mover. When the light departs movement stops, time stops and everything stops. Light, Creator cannot depart when the “0” state comes. This means death to the universal system. The other option is Light should recreate and initialize the system or restore the balance. The only way for the Creator to hide his masculine face and enter the chamber to which every subject has moved to recreate. Re-Creartion cannot occur with judgment; it is only possible with forgiveness and Free Will. The secret of Christ’s philosophy and significance of Calvary Sacrifice unfold here and here I removed my hat of science and trampled it under my foot to follow His path.

The change and time initialization is inevitable and is fast approaching us. The world is picturing a dark picture to humanity, however I see light at the end of the tunnel which leads us to the Golden Age of order and peace. The Creator who manifested to speak the secret and made the sacrifice and converted the collapse into expansion is still working to lead you to the Kingdom of God. The Light or Knowledge that was conceived 2000 years ago will come to full light to save humanity from impending disaster to which he is leading himself out of ignorance of interrelationship and oneness of nature.

Scientist still seek this simple secret at the particle and cosmological level by using mathematics. By the Divine Grace and my mind in submission at His feet, I speak it from the fundamental level of energy particle, its design and principle that goes to form the creation of molecules, the formation of the systems [ material and living] the whole universal system, such the scientist and intellectuals governing and fate of the world awakens to the simple Truth that exist next to our skin and act to save endangered world.

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