California Burning – Awaken America Awaken – Let no the Planet Burn and Flood

America, you determine the way of the world. You exist on the power of the mind that dissected and studied matter and learned to release its power for self advancement. You never bothered to understand the inter-relationship and oneness of nature. You undermined the power of Nature and its Forces. You have made the Ecology of the whole world unstable. You hid the knowledge of life and non liner science that warned you of impending disasters, as you adopted the linear science for the self advancement.

Non linear science clearly tells, when the system is pushed to a limit, even small disturbances will spark uncontrollable chain of events. You pushed the ecology of our abode to the limit and it is reacting. The science of modern world tells it is impossible to predict any event absolutely, but one can predict the tendency. This has been predicted by many. It is Time to Awaken to the Truth to take control of the world before greater disasters strikes. Let not the Ego destroy the planet. Every action has equal and opposite reaction, as the climate changes let us expect the opposite, some huge disasters from the opposite force – water and earth. As cycles move, unless we retreat, let us expect more.

As I Pray for the afflicted, I give a call
waken America Awaken – Each of us are responsible the world we live in. We have chosen the power to rule and fashion our destiny

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