Little Known Ways to live an healthier life

Our lifestyles are different in respect those ones of our grannies. Now we move less and eat more.

Summarizing we can say the we have 4 main problem:
1) Less time for physical activity
2) Stress
3) No more homemade foods
4) No social interactions

We have to defeat obesity and other problems like heart diseases, diabetes, cancer etc…in respects to the past.

The Mediterranean diet is an ancient way to eat used by the Mediterranean people to live better and longer.

It’s not a diet but an eating behavior.

It’ impossible to say that there is a “Typical” Mediterranean diet because there are so many recipes and foods that it’s impossible to classify them all.

Here 6 reasons to help you follow the Med diet and live a better life by reducing the risk of diseases.

– It’s not expensive
Most low carbs diet programs like Atkins, South beach, Etc…require that you buy their foods. Instead the Mediterranean diet pyramid is made by simple foods you can buy at low cost in every supermarket.

– It’s tasty
This is a way to live, not a “Diet”, so you don’t have to soffer if you don’t eat the foods you like because you can eat everything you want by respecting the general portions and principles.

– It’s a long term diet
Loosing weight fast is not healthy. You can damage your body because your don’t eat useful nourishment. There is also an high possibility that you’ll gain weight to fast after some months you’ve lost it.

– It’s Healthy
The main foods have tremendous health benefits. Consider the benefits of wine, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and fresh fruit on reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

– It’s trusted
You won’t find no one that talks bad about this diet…and all of the most known diets take their principles from it. The only problems could arrive for people who have diabetes 2 type, but it’s remote possibility.

– It helps you live longer
It’s a statistical fact. Who live in the Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, etc…) have a longer life then other populations.

You can find more resources about the Mediterranean diet here: [Food chart] [Diet Pyramid] [Recipes] [Cookbook]

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