Gas station ghost caught on film?

It’s a little late for Halloween, but what do you think it is? Plastic bag? Indian spirit? Take your best shot in the comments below.

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105 thoughts on “Gas station ghost caught on film?”

  1. Notice, the object never changes size. It maintains it’s movement on only ONE plane. It never moves further away from the camera, and then closer… growing in size and then getting smaller. I believe it can only be a bug with blue light reflected from the sign.

    I am not a scientist by any means, but a professional artist for the past 20 years and trained in perspective. Just seems to me if it were an object that was down near the area near the cars, or moving around that space between the pumps, it’s size would vary. It never does, and seems to be moving on a pane of glass over the lens.

  2. Really wrong on that one. The footage you see is the actual footage from the gas station camera. I live right down the street the gas station manager watched it and then reviewed his camera and it was on there. And the “fins” you are referring to are wings. You could have come up with something better like maybe a bug,but a fish come on.

  3. This is definitely a ghost. If you watch the video carefully while you’re wearing sunglasses that are polarized and then rotate the polarized lens in front of your eyes, you’ll see that this is definitely a ghost. While ghosts live among us, ghosts have not been able to materialize in the physical world. But, due to a recent tear in the fabric of space, a few of the blue ghosts have been able to leak out among us. Most have inhabited living humans, but some are freely floating around looking for a being to inhabit.

  4. This is no bug, or fish. This looks identical to the shape and animation movements to a avatar called a “carbuncle” in the on-line video game Final Fantasy XI. I have a Summoner job and I use the carbuncle avatar in the game. This has the same colour blue and I can see its long ears and tail move in the exact way the animation moves in the game. I see its run – a sort of four-legged scampering animation. I can see its secondary darker blue in a few segments as well. I also see the same animation to the avatar’s jumping when it jumps up to disappear. I’m not sure how the image was combined to the video to the gas station, but I am most certain it is simply a blurred segment of animation of a FFXI carbuncle avatar. There are too many points that are the same to be just a random coincidence. I believe this was simply a left over Halloween prank.

    Watch towards the end of this video to see how a carbuncle in FFXI moves:
    You as a player, can easily control the camera in game play so you could focus up closer to the avatar. Whoever made the “ghost” positioned their camera closer to record its animation.

  5. Look carefully, and you’ll see that this is a fish. Granted, it’s a WAY out of focus fish, but it is definitely a fish. At 11 seconds into the video you can clearly see its pectoral fins.

    So someone rigged up a way out of focus camera in front of a fish tank, and then combined the video with gas-station surveillance footage. Big deal.

  6. It could be a plastic bag, but that does not explain why it was in shot for so long. What was the wind like at the time? Did the clerk see it with his own eyes as a blue mist? Why does it appear to move with purpus? It does not appear to be a bug, if it were they would see it all the time. The same with the plastic bag, why is this differant? The answer is out there, one way or the other. It needs futher scrutany.

  7. Is that Parma, OH?

    If so, it’s the Cleveland area, where almost anything can happen, except the Browns catching the Steelers!

    Ever since Art Modell moved the original Browns team to Baltimore, strange things have been happening on the shores of Lake Erie.

    It’s probably the ghost of my lost windfall. I was visiting Baltimore during the short time that they were selling “Baltimore Browns” souvenirs, and I didn’t buy any. I bet they go for a fortune on eBay these days.

    Yours from the heart of “Steeler Nation,”
    Fred Bortz — Science and technology books for young readers ( and Science book reviews (

  8. Maybe a white moth, maybe the blue light from the gas station colors was refracted/reflected off it somehow.
    Judging by perspective, the “ghost” was not on the car windshield. It was in the corner of the lens and flew, scurried up it.

  9. Check it out again. The very first footage where it shows the blue object move up towards to roof, then turns and goes down to the ground. watch it and pause it, and watch it again, slow. NOW, think of it as a person, and instead of “wings”, think ARMS. Here’s what I see. It almost looks like swimming, so if it is using its “arms” to propell itself towards the roof, you can see what looks like a head at the top. Then, it bends to go down, which is behind the “arms” and looks like where our waist would be and you would naturally bend. Then it uses its “arms” again to go toward the ground, which would make it head down and feet up, so now look at it at this point and it does look like two (small) legs sticking upward, like standing on its head. Then when it takes off to the corner, if you are with me on thinking its standing on its head, it moves head first using its “arms” again to move.
    That’s what I see. Anyone else see it?
    If you look at it this way, it’s easier to see it’s definately not a bug.

  10. Having viewed the footage I can understand why all of the above have been put forward as suggested explanations. I believe there will be many more over time.
    I agree that the movement of the form does resemble a “fish” and also agree with those who put forward a plausible explanation of why the form could not be a “bug”
    What I find most appealing about this incident is that it is creating considered debate and measured argument. Absolutely thrilling to find material out there in the “ether” available to a mass audience generating such interest!
    From a scientific viewpoint the tape should be checked for “creative tampering”
    From a psychic viewpoint I believe the image to be a life form from another realm!

  11. I thought this was a SCIENCE blog. Let’s look at some science to figure out how this could actually be possible…. you may (or may not) be familiar with the spectrum of light based on ENERGY and WAVE LENGTH. Most people who believe in spirits, ghosts, paranormal, etc, agree that they are a form of ENERGY. So if you look at the spectrum of light …..Chart found here:

    you will see that there are the high energy, low wavelength light, GAMMA rays, and as you reduce energy but increase wave length, it goes through x-rays, ultra-violet, infrared, microwaves and radiowaves. so in between ultra-violet, and infrared is a TEENY TINY little slice of light, called visible light. this is the ONLY light that is visible with the human eyes! SO, based on that, there is a HUGE spectrum of light and energy that we cannot see. Now I ask you, how is it not possible that sometimes there may be energy and wave length, that combined correctly, will cross over into the visible spectrum. Also, if you check out the chart, you will see that EVERY COLOR has its own energy and wavelength combination, which is probably why it appeared blue to us, and also why there have been other colors that have been seen. Based on science it is possible!! It is also true that cameras (video or regular) can pick up items that you cannot see with your eyes. I have a series of pictures that I took of my daughter when she was a baby that have a white cloudy looking thing that shows movement, and in every picture it is moving in a different direction. I checked the negatives, and it was not developing fluid at all, but you could see it in the negative, and none of the other pictures on the roll had this. No, i’m not an overly spiritual person and I’m not a science geek. I’m actually just a single mom that has a very open mind and paid attention in my college classes. :)

  12. It isn’t like I can explain it either.. but sick of hearing it be called a bug on a lens.. It clearly keeps the exact same size as it escapes up past the underside of the roof and past it’s edge.. far away from the camera I might add. First I was thinking video manipulation but when I saw the shop owner I didn’t think that again. Another one is a bag.. Come on! a bag that sits motionless for a half an hour in mid air? It seems like people look for the easiest answers to soothe their mind from things they can’t or not supposed to understand..

    It even seems to hide on the car window as that guy walks by before it flies off.

  13. Even it if was out of focus, there’s no way in hell that that’s a bug…you’d be able to see the shape of the actual bug, not a blue blurry image…idiots

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