Gas station ghost caught on film?

It’s a little late for Halloween, but what do you think it is? Plastic bag? Indian spirit? Take your best shot in the comments below.

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105 thoughts on “Gas station ghost caught on film?”

  1. Okay, science bloggers? there is a logical description of ghosts. Tis the leftover energy of the body and mind that imprints on photons. They have proven its possible to imprint a photon.

    anyway, that being said this is somthing along the lines of, i would guess, a small bug or maybe even ball lightning, i dont know if it was visible or not.

  2. Your thoughts manifest your reality

    If you want to feel better about Blue, try singing softly;

    R U Here?

    Yes, dear mommie, I AM here

    R U L ? my dear

    Yes, dear mommie, I AM wELl!

    Teens might want to add this for a refrain: Sung to the tune by ZZ Topps;

    I. Want
    I. Want. My
    I. Want. My. N.G. eeL.

    Older boys and girls might want to consider adding another language to their repertoire;;

    Try this for starters: ??? ?????, ???? ??? ????? (mia papya, maa pya papya (Greek))

    Have no worries, this is simply what happens when people get tired of living in Oceana (aka Bush-Land)
    And see precious lives wasted of those foreign and domestic low-income souls (aka soldiers)
    Regret their childrens’ future getting frittered away when a fraction of the co$t would go far to improve their infrastructure and social welfare
    Under the pretense of spreading this brand of freedom, while on the home front they
    Get labled as non-patriotic for needing to speak in metaphors because even their freedom of speech and expression has been limited by ‘The Patriot Act’ and not one keystroke, phone call or tittle goes unchecked.
    And as long as the ‘Representative from California’ has the floor;
    What the duck do we need oil for when we have fuel cells?

    If you need someone to blame, resort to the old reliable—your Mother.
    By the time she assimilated all this information she suffered from
    And when your Father saw her in such a state, he became quite the ‘headcase’
    He came down so fast he exceeded the speed of sound and upon his arrival he had to settle for ‘sound effects’
    He was so beyond PO’d that he came down smoking (literally, a cigarette)
    And that was the only butt he had on him that day

    That’s what we like about Dad, NO Ands, Ifs, or Buts, Butts,…

  3. dude, i’ve totally seen this before. the clerk went outside and stuck his **** on the lens. you can see in the moon landing tapes that the NASA techs were just sticking their cocks in a box to make it look like a moon enviornment. oldest trick in the book. give it up.

  4. Perhaps if we could see the orignal recording, not a news camera trying to show the movement on a tilted surveilence monitor. I believe it would look differently. It is hard to see perspective this way-

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