Absolute Space

Absolute Space has no direction, or geometry (Euclidean or Riemmanian) it is all one, there is no part of absolute space. When you speak of coordinates or references you are not speaking of space itself you are speaking of points or lines within space – not absolute space itself. A body always has two energies – one vector (kenetic) relative to other bodies and one scalar (inertial mass) relative to absolute space.

The “laws of nature” are the frame work of the universe and determine its personality. They create “absolute space” and everything it contains. Absolute space can only exist within the domain of these laws, where the “laws of nature” end – absolute space ends. This is the limit of the extent of the universe. If space is expanding (highly unlikely), it is only because the laws of nature are expanding into the void.
The two types of energy we are concerned with here are: motion/energy and mass/energy.

Motion/energy of a body is its momentum relative to other bodies,(Mo=MV). Mass/energy of a body is its energy level relative to absolute space. Mass/energy is manifested as a body’s “inertial mass” or its “space energy level”. Bodies do not move relative to absolute space, no motion is involved.

A proton’s rest mass is variable, depending on its “space energy level” relative to absolute space. A proton’s “rest” mass in the outlying area of a spiral galaxy will be greater then a proton’s “rest” in the slower central part of the galaxy. Also a proton’s inertial “rest” mass in a galaxy that is at a higher (or lower) energy level relative to absolute space, then is ours, will be greater (or lower) than a proton in our galaxy.

Isaac Newton thought that absolute space was a distinguished frame of reference that could show bodies to be truly moving or truly at rest. – He was half right, all bodies relative to absolute space are motionless (at rest). He did not realize that nothing moves relative to space itself as was later indicated by the Michelson/Morley experiment.

M/M could find no evidence of a change in the speed of light no matter what direction their apparatus was aimed. This is an indication that the earth is motionless relative to absolute space and light will travel at the same rate no matter which direction it travels. It also indicated that there was no aether or aether wind. Light needs no medium to travel through (other then absolute space). When a body emits a photon only the body and its space energy level are considered – the motion of the body relative to other bodies is not considered.

Don Hamilton
Refer: http://novan.com/mind.htm – (The MIND of Mankind – Part 2)

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