Report on the Implications of Peak Oil

CT representative Terry Backer added a comment to my earlier blog entry about his op-ed article written with CT state senator Bob Duff.

It’s worth opening a new thread to discuss it, so I reproduce it here. Please consider the implications for your own areas and comment.

Here’s what he wrote (a few typos corrected but otherwise not edited):

The op-ed that Bob Duff and I wrote for the Connecticut Post was preceded by a informational hearing of the Connecticut Legislative Peak Natural Gas Caucus (well its was written before the hearing and ran a week after). Since the November first hearing I have written and submitted to the legislative leaders and the Gov. in Connecticut a report named Peak Oil Production and the Implications on Connecticut.

We are concerned enough by the prospects of oil production falling or remaining level having unacceptable impacts on our people to start the dialog in the state. We don’t know when Peak Oil will happen – or if it has happened – our when or if technology will mitigate the impacts — we don’t care to debate that –we have all been around politics far long enough to know it moves at glacial pace. Even if we take the most optimistic of views like that of EIA or CERA –it’s not that long of a lead time considering the work that needs to be done and the slow pace of government. The economist, oil men, business folks all have a different duty than we do. Of course we will need them to make the change happen but we need to pick the destination or they will just do more of the same.

You can read the report here on one of my websites
Your buddies in CT need to understand that progress on this matter will come from the local yokels not the indentured servants in DC.
Terry Backer

Terry’s point is that political action on Peak Oil probably needs to begin at the local level, with state legislators the most likely leaders.

If any of my readers are in the legislatures of their states or have influence in state government, I suggest contacting Terry or Bob in CT and finding out how you can get the grass roots to contribute to solving this looming issue before it reaches a point where emergency actions may be needed.

At the very least, it’s time to raise everyone’s awareness of peak oil.


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