How to identify if there are pathogens in your food

I’m working on a project that involves the development of a line of cutlery that may be able to spot the presence of any or some pathogenic agents in food just before you are sitting to eat it. So far I have some constrains for the project, like there should not be any electronic devices implicit in the cutlery, so I think that reduces the possibilities to a chemical reaction.

I’ve been investigating chemical reactions for this and so far my investigations have just found the reaction of a polymerase chain, but the problem with this is that you need a laboratory and to cultivate the sample, so that is not working for the project. And well also I remember that I read an item a couple of years ago, that there was a guy at MIT who was developing a label for products sold in can that may be able to change color once the product reaches the expiration date. But I haven’t found anything on the Net that gives me a hint what is the way of working of this technology

So if somebody has any idea of possible solutions or possible coming up technology that may work. I’ll really appreciate some comments.

Thank you and have a great day.


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