Floor height and the relation between the cost of Bandang

Floor height and the relation between the cost of Bandang

Bandang floor height is calculated based on a cost of Bandang. (http://www.gxshbc.com)
If the place of residence and destination residence belonging to the first tier of the building or the cottage, it is not the cost of raising the floor. Destination if the place of residence and a second home in a complex layer above (including Layer 2) or basement charges after midnight two situations: if the buildings have elevators for the use of Bandang are not recall floors; if no elevators, according to each floor 10 yuan recovery Bandang costs.

Bandang of the relationship between distance and cost

Bandang and use of the car, there are benchmarks distance and ultra-distance fee increases. The three situations:
A vehicle traveling distance. This distance refers to the original place of residence to the distance between Bandang destination. Benchmark distance of 15 km, if no extra cost beyond. More than 15 kilometers, per kilometer of the general levy four yuan.
Second, the removal of artificial distance. This floor, I mean distance between stopping distance. Porters carry on the long-distance is very difficult, therefore, to levy fees. Benchmark distance is generally 20 meters, 20 meters of non-fee increases. More than 20 meters per rice processing at one yuan removal costs. Generally speaking, if the vehicles can be parked in front of the building, removal distance of no more than 20 meters, there will be no fee increases.
Third, remote handling. Remote working is to increase the driving distance between vehicles moving premises and the time, therefore, to levy fees. Its standard is more to each one, adding 50 yuan.

Bandang how to prepare before

The move homes in the event of the family, who do not want to rush, the best prepared in advance. Proper arrangements for the first time. A Bandang generally require 2-4 hours. If the distance, congestion, or carrying items, it may be longer. Second, we must advance with the company booking Bandang vehicles, so arrive on time, on time beginning Sudang. If more goods, a car pull??, preferably at the same time reservation multiple vehicles, pickup items once can save time. Another encounter rain, snow, the best choices are canopy car, to avoid articles wetting. Once again to clear up the good things in advance. Larger boxes??items prior to carrying out workers to avoid Bandang fixed; shoes, and other items best piecemeal loaded with cardboard boxes, so as to avoid loss; cash, jewelry and other valuables of small items to carry; tableware , tea, and other fragile articles to separate packaging, separate handling, so as to avoid??. If fully prepared to do well in advance, your Sudang certainly will be very smooth.


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