A few of my random Laymen beliefs about relativity

You can choose to agree or disagree with me, but here are some of my recent beliefs:

1. Time is everywhere. It exists in all dimensions..As a stable address, and as a moving force or work pressure. If there are 1 or 1,000,000 universes, they are all ecompassed by time. Time is everywhere and everywhen. It does not need a dimension, because every dimension is soaked in it. Every universe is soaked in it. And the time in each universe is the same as the time in each other universe. If time is perceived differently in any circumstance, it is because of relativity…but relativity may not be what scientists have thought it is up to this point.

2. We might perceive time as relative. And at certain speeds certain objects may appear to show that time works differently at that speed. But I don’t believe that this is exactly/entirely what is going on. If you picture time as the water that everything is immersed in, still waters will eventually erode just about any substance it maintains long term contact with. Add pressure, and that erosion process speeds up. Any matter at a time in space/time is going to be subject to that erosion. As such, it is my belief that items have not aged differently at high speeds, but have just run into time erosion. This is why atomic clocks on airplanes seem to have a different time than a stable reference watch. This is why time seems to function differently at singularities.

3. The winds of time. Aside from the fact that there is time errosion, another factor in the “relativity” of time is what I think of as time friction. Time friction is when you have moving time forces and still time forces interacting with other forces and matter. I don’t have exact or real values, but I tend to assign (Ts) to still time, (To) to opposing time, and Ti (i stand for impetus) to moving time. In other words, I believe that Ti= whatever value of time is being used to push something in any single direction. Ts= a still portion of time, Tm= an opposing force of time. So, Te (erosion) is a spot all of these forces have met. I certain the formula I am about to present is overly simplified and far from accurate or correct, but it will demonstrate the basic idea I wish to convey. And perhaps another physcisist or mathematician can provide to real math to it. Te=(Ti(mass of object)-To(mass of any matter in that spot)-Tm(mass of object-mass of matter that was at that spot)) where Te is basically a measurment of the relative time at a spot where time and matter have met, opposed and eroded eachother. Keep in mind that this formula is anot a one shot calculation. The TE of the first calculation, should become the Ti of the next calculation. In fact, it should be recalculated every time increment from beginning of the flight, and then recalculated with the new values over and over until the end of the flight.)

I’ve heard some scientists discussing singularities, and mentioning that as the gravity becomes so great at the core of the singularity, time ceases to exist. I don’t believe that is the case. I think that the perception of time is flawed in a singularity because every other object in the singularity is in a state of change. But if time was really affected or ceased to exist at a singularity, it would cause gravity, matter, light, and electromagnetics to freeze in place near the core. The fact that almost everything seems to disappear and change state/form at the center, leads me to believe that time is still functioning properly there, or none of those things could happen. Nothing would ever make it to the core, and black holes would not be black, because all of the light in that part of the universe would end up rubbing against the timeless iris and basically form a glow that would look like another star. If time works funny there as opposed to ceasing, something at some point would survive long enough to get away from the core/center, because time would actually allow a situation in which time was slow enough to allow that objects natural mass and inertia to float right past the center. Since that has not happened to the best of our knowledge, I’m for now assuming that time works exactly the way it should at a singularity, and any anomolies that might eventually pop up are more of a result of our ignorance of what is truly happening at the cingularity, than any strange affect that the singularity has on time itself.


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