An Iron bird with self intelligence


Aircrafts are the revolution of the transportation these years, oilots can reach the skyes pulling a stick and with the power of a tornado the engines leaves the aircraft in to the skyes, but that is nothing, today automatic pilots lead the airways with out any effort, the pilot is only is a supervisor during the fly while the automatic pilot leads the way, maintaining speed direction and altitude.

What about a thinking air craft?

With the revolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence), could be posible?

I think yes.

Brain emulation using Neural Networks can bring the capabilites to bring some kind of intelligence to the iron birds.

Imagine to fly without human mistakes, just saying a word and the aircraft leave you where ever you want to be, using satelital vision and the common navigation system.

Beyond all imagination

How could be this posible?

A neural network, is a system when some neurons fails, the system can handle it without loosing function “Failure proof”, the computer brain just uses neurons to test inputs with weights checking outputs, a network with out supervised learning algorithm can achieve its goals by it self, so how difficult is to train an aircraft for flying, and follow vectors into the air?

Neural Network – Training Models


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