Morgellons Makes Front Page!

Well!* An act of God has taken place! Thank you anyone/everyone who has worked so hard to get this affliction in the Media. I can’t believe something this horrible has been so sequestered for so long…that took lots of $$.

To the Media: This is Nanotechnology. Fiber Optics that we grow…did you not just hear about the nanowire that was tuned to FM radio and picked up a song? Why would anyone create something like this where our bodies produce sizable filaments? Think about that. What a monitoring tool. Releasing viruses, microbes, anything they care to study…. From biosensors, fiber optic polymer filaments, REAL TIME…? Computers? Algorithms? Many applications this technology can be applied to and probably EVERYONE is infected. Certain persons “infection” didn’t “integrate properly” as I understand Dr. Staninger as saying….
This technology is being applied IN THE FIELD everyday. They are monitoring small animals from remote areas using this. Broadband, anyone. They are up to NO GOOD and if this is for our “protection from the terrorists” Let me tell you, this is more terrifying than ANYTHING I have experienced….
To Dermatologists, MD’s, Researchers: You had better open your eyes. Do your homework. I’m just an average female that probably knows more about nano specific than most of you. I was forced to get educated…are you waiting to be afflicted or did you get a “get out of hell” free card from the powers that be? See what’s out there now….AOL, Yahoo, ABC Nightline, major coverage now. See the video by
John Fowler at this link:
His stats are wrong…try 10,000 and growing. Worldwide stats, we don’t know.

Media: Search the Blogs and Youtube for contacts, as I have serious doubts about the more “Formal” forums. I’ve had this since 1994, and the CDC was contacted back that far…and sent samples. They KNOW what this is. They’ve always known.

Make use of all the information and learn.
and to all the MEDIA that had the good sense to cover this, God bless you and thank you for all your time and hard work.

Update: Proof this is nanotech….MEDIA!!!


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