March is Women’s History Month

All year is great time to learn more about science and the people who make the discoveries. But the month of March offers a unique opportunity to learn about the achievements of Women throughout history and from different cultures in the sciences.

To get you started, I have listed links to some great on-line research resources.
Women’s History Month Educational Resources & Ideas – by Education World
4000 Years of Women in Science Biographical Listing – this is a long alphabetical list of women who have contributed to science and medical discoveries
Women in Science – by the San Diego SuperComputer Center, lists great women in science from almost every field.

The Past and the Present: A Spotlight on Two Women in the Life Sciences
Dr. Roger Arliner Young – don’t let the name fool you, she is a woman. I just learned about Dr. Young myself. She is the first African-American Woman to receive a doctorate in zoology. In my efforts to share more with the rest of the world, I’ve learned something myself. I’m so glad to have discovered Dr. Young. As an African-American female who is on the cusp of receiving my doctorate in zoology, she is my Shero, a pioneer to other young women like me and Dr. Andrade.

Dr. Maydianne Andrade is an Evolutionary Biologist who studies mating systems in spiders. I’m featuring her because I have the great pleasure of knowing her. She is a wonderful person and an awesome researcher. Her studies of spider mating systems (the males will actually sacrifice their lives and let females kill and eat them while mating) are the phenomenal.

If you’re teacher or youth leader, I hope you encourage your students to do a report on women scientists. Please use this site as a resource and springboard.

Happy Reading

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