Can you name 5 Women Scientists?

To celebrate Women’s History Month (March), I want to know if you can name 5 Women Scientists from each scientific discipline?

1. You can’t choose people from your own institution or company.
2. You can’t google or use the internet to aid in your search. (But if you know someone is a scientist, but not sure what disciple, you can look that up).
3. You can consult textbooks, journals, and class notes.
4. You can ask others to help you brainstorm, but they can’t use the internet just to get 5 names fast (see #2).
5. Living and deceased scientists are acceptable.
6. Links to or references about the named scientists are greatly appreciated. Let’s share the knowlege.
List as many as you can, even if it isn’t five. And multi-cultural lists are a plus.

Thanks to Renaisauce for inspiring this phenomenal idea.

Major Scientfic Disciplines:
Biomedical and Medicine
Space & Planetary Sciences

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