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Somebody told me that he loves math. Brilliant! I love numbers since times when computers wasn`t such available as today and so I discovered that a number (any natural number!) less the sum of its items leaves a multiple of 9 (as 3*3, a perfect cube). It looks like the universe`s system based on 9 ( 8 plus a broken one )supergiant black holes plus the zero energy. Then I asked my self what if the same rule is available for numbers from any inferior bases and I realized that for numbers in bases 9, 7, 5, or 3 the resulted numbers should be at least ended in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 each time, for numbers in base 6 the resulted numbers should be ended in 5 and for numbers in base 4 the results must be numbers holding each one the sum of their items as a multiple of 3. Later I learned at school that, before computing any numbers from other bases than the 10s one, it`s easier to convert them to base ten first.
P.S. I love this site “Think. It`s not illegal yet” and I also love the Discovery Science channel and its new motto “In the name of science ask everything” as a request for help them to break their “ivory tower” `walls limiting the brilliant minds blocked inside(needing more space in their area for a higher target as the Mayan pyramids` builders needed larger and higher pyramids over others already existing)and making them to “split hairs” over and over again .
I`m very skeptic (or maybe my brain isn`t yet prepared for this rational acceptance) viewing solutions (no offense!) saying that the universe starts from a single atom which in a million of a billion part of a second became as a grapefruit and after a million part of a second it became as our solar system`s size. Are there millions of billions km in a few parts of a second? How many times is this exceeding the speed of light? As existing theories, it should go back in time at least at its first size. What are you saying about this, sirs? And if you dig deeper and deeper (as I did it for sixteen years, for a mater of life and death…), you`ll find a few expressions as “the scientists don`t know yet …” or “nobody knows why …” Today are existing an infinite number of atoms and not even one is able to do the same as the first one did it so many billions years ago (not as I wish it).
Is our universe expanding each hour with a billion miles? Did you ever compute this speed (for a second)? So, which is the real speed of light inside a system involved in a speed like this one?
Thank you again for your time and please, visit the and click on “Photo Gallery”. You`ll have nothing to loose.

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