at the begening

situation can be model
interpret that problem
an other way……baby

because all the second difference,babe
are the same,
with opening up,functions

because our difference
on different segment
the same value….

traveling from the start
the beginning of the trip,they travel
my love

this is definitely,,,
the unique value of the investments,
where is…
the length of time,

I still interpret ,,
constant third difference ,on
the factor,babe

investigating your linear expression
per annum
per fraction of there time

your time

from all around ,pattern
organizational and distinguish difference
proposition of place,of space
unique and unique into the function

when static mean constant,and
when dynamics belong to change
independent system of ability ,a
characteristic of unique behavior
seeking just a basic understanding

inside a shape,very close at some time
the wave motion,still need some medium
the base and the other

the value of investment without beginnings
unique as
concluding the proses of qualification
unique and blind

computing the value of time
ignoring the value of t=0
as only whole number.babe

philippe martin

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