a word I realy try to avoid

The string theory
but as a conservative or probably unoriginal shopper,
it seem very hard to agree and especially,to understand this Theory,

but,D-brane,seem extremely attractive for a guy like me.
The attractive aspect of thermodynamics,Quantum mechanics,nucleus,Maxwell,Born…and on ..and so on……..

I reject too many aspect of the STRING……….as a blind and of coarse,old school guy,without cosmology degree.

now I have this or one of those problem
if neutrinos just pass right through our planet and some time be detected but rarely with an atom of liquid,

non,zero mass
and the electron volt

trivial my admiration the meaning of Nature
the lack of neutrinos in our sun,
directly inspired me

I seem a way to create ,a

but it involve for each department or sector
Theory,from all of
and without mixing each of their own conception,

each Theory belong to their Law,
I will believe some standard regarding zero will be appropriate
and just easier to computation.

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