Universe it is all for us All isn’t UNIVERSE

singularities Big Bang and Black Hole handicap Cosmology till a point it stop IMAGINATION : every one who

understand Space Time are petrified they believe it is an infraction if they CREATE beyond all those Theory those JAIL, solid an LOCK .Since we know when

space time stop is adventure and stop is Ascension for the Truth. some want robot for compute for plug in but always remember your brain is

nothing else than a repetitive machine without innovation.COSMOLOGY is not something who start with nothing or a little difference. COSMOLOGY is not just a little

part of what we proudly? cosmology deserve more than a WORLD who stop being CURIOUS. Cosmo need those who will do BIG MISTAKE,those who DREAM

looking at the star, OBSERVING . In between you and why it is the difference “31 And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And

there was evening and there was morning, a sixth day.”Genesis 1…..

They are nonetheless correct, as numerous physics experiments have shown. And they have forced physicists to revise the way they think about some of their

science’s most basic concepts. Einstein’s special theory of relativity………….?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Einstein was a real Genius courageous and full of limits , also a great Mathematician’s guy after is special theory of relativity acknowledge for is self first:he

was little bit obsessive compulsive regarding elegant Physics theory or concept.It is normal Einstein was seeking for pattern, and puzzle his brain,, needed food

realize at this moment what PARADOX mean and suddenly his work became a beautiful PARADOX and I believe simple was for him at this important moment .

THIS moment which all idiot call a mistake a failure.Einstein remember imagination it is not a book at the library but it is when you skip class and look around………

for my own believe failure belong to school,afraid of a f Mark’s it is possible to dream if you scare to fail in a class where they don’t even read EUCLIDE but bold an

proud to teach it. Innovation it is not a home work but a DREAM first.CREATION it is not GOD:YOUR brain create GOD with all my respect I have 3 different religion

in my family,girlfriend,step son,mother in law, we all chat and respect each other. For create failure,just one ingredient,

loneliness ,.To provoke just one mis respect.

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