one question?

when some one as a status,of SCIENTIST.It is possible the fear of incompetency,or the first time in life looking at the mirror the shame of your self .when all your life you claim you know what it was already create.And finally after all this glory day”s the fact still you never feel a tears ,a whisper, or at least a so little hope ,,,,pain,For the first time you are not in the game you always say so load for every one here ,MY IQ above, sorry little people I am a SCIENTIST and I am always right.This is a question ,I hope feedback.
Me I have been massacred by Life,at the same time I love Life,experience,knowledge,but always my mental difference will be a topic,Bipolar,with no degree ,nonsense.I take it,now how it feel when you challenge me and you argue about some stuff,and ever talk about.This most hurt,anyway if it was me with my PASSIO it will kill me.

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