communicate by word a Cosmic environment

Because the electromagnetic spectrum will block each low frequency or some will used end,this word seem for me to drastic.The Physical Theory believe or consider Vacuum as an empty Space.
now Einstein with the basic defect of Wave theory violate,my own virtual emptiness or the cheating Zero.
Because the absence of Symmetry,
more over the classical geometric resolution of Einstein,Podolsky,Rosen paradox ,
it will confirm a fact the Symetry as been violated.Also the Quantum Theory belong to some miss interpretation.

If we just forget about Time,
and concentrate on the fusion of Hydrogen to Helium.
We will express Time as a ratio,
as stars of mass will that ten Time the sun.

But a Neutron star it will suddenly,begun after the core suddenly Collapse.
Remnant white dwarf,manipulate the meaning of Time as ratio to Time as well,
Terrestrial Science and the way to communicate by word a Cosmic environment,
will lead to different association on the equivalent term ,.Regarding the use of similar experiment for a different focus.

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