EXPLORING the Origin of Life and Conscience !

Each newborn’s life, like the flower of Spring, is full of freshness and imagination. We can’t resist asking: for whom the flowers of life are blossoming? Different from other types of lives, human being has the conscience of seeking fairness. Where is the origin of conscience? Sometimes we feel the unknown loneliness, and sometimes we are shrouded with the fear of exploring the unknowns. What is the origin of loneliness and fear?

Very lucky, these questions have simple answer, so simple that everyone can personally prove the answer with a simple piece of computer software which disassembles galaxy patterns! Only when we find the answers to these questions, will human beings truly enter the brilliant stage of mature youth. The past history of human is the stage of growing infant so generously nurtured that we thought it were granted.

From where flows the physical food to nurture the infant and from where flows the spiritual nutrition to mature the youth? The answer is: from the embracing universe, where we gain the knowledge of truth.

Today, human finds rich and colorful material, such as growth-promoting agricultural crops, synthetic clothes, telephone, television, internet, artificial organs, and so on. With a review of human history, we know that modern revolution of science, industry and commerce started from our recognition of a heavenly truth that Earth revolves around the sun. Galileo observed the truth when turning his telescope up to heaven. Kepler summarized the law of planetary revolution with the data of observation. Newton discovered calculus and his mechanics based on Kepler’s law. Calculus and Newtonian mechanics are the foundation of all modern sciences! Therefore, modern revolution of science, industry and commerce originated from the discovery of the truth that Earth revolves around the sun. The story of human is not finished!

Fortunately, human is about to enter the mature stage of youth, and its spiritual sustenance roots also at the heaven. Sun is just a star, which is a component of the galaxy known as Milky Way. There are countless galaxies in the universe. Each galaxy consists of millions of stars as well as other minor components like planets, dusts. Because galaxies are the most basic and independent components of the universe, their pattern recognition should drop a hint at the meaning of human life and distill the dew to moisten our spiritual thirsty.

Galaxies are much larger than the solar system. Light travels from the sun to Earth in eight minutes, and travels from one end of the Galaxy to the other in some hundred thousand years (light travels 300,000 km in a second). Although unimaginably large, thousands of galaxies are taken of images with telescopes. Galaxies demonstrate exceptionally simple and orderly patterns. This shows that the truth of the universe should be exceptionally simple too.

Independent galaxies present very regular patterns. They are either three-dimensional ellipticals or planar spirals. Ellipticals are very clean while spirals contain dusts which nurture new stars. The life period of stars in spiral galaxies is much shorter. This software of disassembling galaxy patterns deals with spiral galaxies only. Images of spirals with near-red light show that every spiral galaxy is mainly a disk with its light density decreasing exponentially outwards along the radial direction from the galaxy center (that is, disk center). Therefore, we call them exponential disks. There are other minor or weak structures in spiral galaxies. However, we have only two types of spiral galaxies: the ones with the additional bar structures are called barred spirals while the ones without any apparent bar are called normal spirals. Spiral galaxies gain their name by the fact that they present more or less spiral structures, known as arms. The way the arms bend are understood: the angle between the bending direction and the disk radial direction at each position is constant along the arm. A curve which bends in this way is called logarithmic curve. Therefore, the arms in normal spiral galaxies are called logarithmic arms.

Now we know that galaxy patterns are exceptionally simple. This poses a question: are the exponential disks and logarithmic arms a coincidence? If not, their correlation must present some clue to the meaning of the universe! The year 2005 may be the starting point at which human entered the stage of mature youth, because the correlation between the exponential disks and the logarithmic arms was found in this year (we can even prove that the correlation is unique, see astro-ph/0510535 ).

The correlation is: the ratio of star densities (light densities) on both sides of the logarithmic curve is constant along the curve. Such proportionality is called the universal justice of the universe. The force of proportionality is called the universal justice force. The universal justice (force) is the origin of both human life and human conscience. Below we will first present the universal creation principle based on the universal justice force, and then we present its supporting evidences as far as possible.

(A) Absolute justice: the distribution of matters in the universe is uniform throughout the space, and constant with time. A universe satisfying the absolute justice is a dead one. Real universe does not satisfy the absolute justice.

(B) The weaker condition of absolute justice is the proportionality. That is, the ratio of densities on both sides of a curve is constant along the curve. This is exactly the universal justice force which forms countless galaxies in the universe. The resulting distributions of matters, i.e., galaxies, are called harmonic structures or harmonic patterns.

(C) With the condition of universal justice being gradually weakened and more complicated conditions of harmony standing out, the smallest scale of structure which nurtures human life, i.e., the Earth’s environment, came to presence!

(D) The price for the change with time of any thing is that its existence is finite. That is, it has a beginning and an end, the most basic characteristic of life.

(E) The damage at any level or scale of any harmonic condition will result in a shorter life period of the thing involved.

Some of the most important evidences which support the universal justice force and the universal creation principle are listed as follows:

1. The only possibility that exponential disks coexist with logarithmic arms is the existence of universal justice force. That is, the ratio of densities on both sides of a curve is constant along the curve. The resulting distribution of matter is called harmonic distribution, or harmonic structure.

2. Arms are not harmonic structures. They are disturbance waves to the harmonic structures. The disturbance reveals the direction of logarithmic curves. Astronomical observations indicate that arms come with stars of shorter life, and present dust which nurtures new life. It is very interesting that we live inside an arm of Milky Way. This proves the above-mentioned principle of universal creation (E).

3. Is it possible to generalize the logarithmic curves in normal spirals yet keep logarithmic curvature at far distance from the galaxy centers? The answer is yes, but there is only one generalized solution. Applying the universal justice force to the generalized curves, we see that the resulting harmonic structure is no longer the exponential disk with bright disk center. Instead we get a pair of symmetric handles of camelback-shape. Adding the symmetric handles to the exponential disk, we get the pattern of barred spiral galaxy! Actual barred spirals contain two or even three pairs of symmetric handles. These symmetric handles are aligned, forming elongated bar. If one pair of symmetric handles are located far from the galaxy center while others are much close to the center then the outmost handles can be seen as isolated on galaxy patterns. This is the case because nearly one fifth of barred spiral galaxies present isolated symmetric handles. This further supports the existence of universal justice force. We know that there are only two solutions of planar harmonic distributions: one is exponential disk and the other is symmetrical handles. On the other hand, there are only two types of spiral galaxies: one is normal spirals and the other is barred spirals. This is the further evidence of universal justice force.

4. Consider three-dimensional reciprocal curves, i.e., the cross curves of orthogonal spherical surfaces. Application of universal justice force to the curves leads to the harmonic structure of elliptical galaxies (astro-ph/0510536). This is an important evidence of universal justice force.

5. It is impossible for disturbance waves to form in the space of the above-mentioned cross curves. Indeed, there is no arm-like structure found in ellipticals. Therefore, elliptical galaxies are very clean, with no dust to nurture new stars, and their stars have longer lives. This further proves the universal creation principle.

6. Assuming that the spatial distribution of matters is uniform at the greater scales than galaxies but the density changes with time, we will find that the entire universe has a beginning and an end. Such a simple model of the universe is able to explain cosmic redshift, Hubble’s Law and other basic astronomical facts (astro-ph/0605213). This once again supports the universal principle of creation.

7. Galaxies and the universe are harmonic distributions of matters. But they are damaged at small scales and replaced by more complicated harmonic laws. There eventually came the formation of the Earth’s environment which appears to be random or chaotic. However, it is the most harmonic paradise which hosts the advanced lives of human. It might be the only lonely paradise in the universe!

8. Why is the solar system planar? Why does the distribution of its planets meet Bode law? Why do its planets spin in the similar directions to the one of solar rotation? Why do the axes of rotation and revolution of Earth make an angle of about 24 degrees, a necessary condition to maintain four seasons and sustain lives on Earth? These advanced harmonic conditions need your exploration!

9. It will be a brilliant scientific result if people can prove that the universal justice force takes the form of Newtonian universal gravity in the case of single star (single body). In fact, Newtonian theory is only applicable to the system of one or two bodies. For the system of three or more bodies which have similar masses like stars, Newtonian theory and all other theories have no answer for their patterns! But people insist on the application of these theories to the description of galaxies as well as the whole universe, in exactly the same way that people believed the sun as well as the whole universe had revolved around the Earth. Of course, this endeavor is unsuccessful and people resort to the assumption that the vast majority of the universe is some magical yet never-observable dark matter, dark energy and so on.


Now you can try the exceptionally simple software of disassembling galaxy patterns (i.e., deleting the bars from the barred galaxies). These images are from real galaxies and what you do is about the truth from heaven! You can personally prove the existence of universal justice force. You can also try to find more supporting evidence for the universal principle of creation!

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